City of Edmonton Big Bin Events

2015-05-01T12:57:11+00:00 April 24th, 2015|Events, News|

Goodwill Industries of Alberta is teaming up with the City of Edmonton Big Bin Events this spring and summer. Spring cleaning? Moving? Re-modelling? The City of Edmonton is making it easier to donate at their Big Bin Events. Throughout the spring and summer we will have our Goodwill trucks onsite to collect your gently-used clothing [...]

#FindYourWhy and DeClutter

2015-04-02T15:45:36+00:00 April 2nd, 2015|Goodwillians/Stories, News|

#FindYourWhy: My Why? Trying to keep my home more organized! I’m not much of a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of person but when it comes to spring cleaning, I purge, reorganize and vow to keep my spaces tidy. This dedication lasts at most a week. Whether it’s my desk at work or my home, keeping spaces [...]