It happened right outside our Calgary Transcanada store’s front door. Another sad accident caused by impaired driving and excessive speed.

While our employees went about their daily routines on December 8, a man was t-boned in the nearby intersection, trapped in his car from the waist down, and needed to be cut out of his vehicle.

“I casually walked to the bus stop after work that day when I noticed the area had been taped off,” says assistant store manager, Jen Maschki. “I was informed about the accident and that a man was rushed into surgery.”

Later Jen and the team found out that the man was in intensive care and was expected to recover.

“During this time I prayed that he would make a full recovery,” she adds.

Fast forward to Sunday, March 24.

Fifteen weeks after the accident occurred, Jen greeted a customer who was dropping off some donations. After a warm greeting between them, the customer asked if she remembered the accident outside the store in early December. He informed her that the man hit was one of his friends.

“I eagerly asked him how his friend was doing,” says Jen. “Sadly he told me he passed away three weeks into recovery and that the items he was donating were his friends.”

One of the items he brought in to donate was a statue of an angel, but after their conversation he wanted to give it to her as a gift.

“I politely told him I could not accept the angel for myself, but I could receive it as a gift for the entire staff.”

He agreed to that condition and stated he wanted to give it as a gift because he knows Goodwill provides great service to the community.

“I shared the story with our staff team and as per the customer’s wish, I placed the angel in a very visible spot where everyone can be reminded of the special gift given to us!” she exclaims.