Goodwill and our partner PODs was on the University of Alberta campus to collect gently-used clothing and household items this April.

With thousands of students moving out of residence each spring many things end up in the garbage that could be reused or recycled. To help keep stuff out of the landfill, the University Of Alberta Office Of Sustainability and various partners on and off campus coordinated the second annual Eco Move Out, which allows students to demonstrate sound environmental stewardship by donating their clothing and other goods to partner community organizations that will find them a loving second home.

Well this year’s results are in!

Materials collected in the three-week period totaled 8,585 kgs (18,928 lbs) – a 288% increase from Eco Move Out 2012!

  • 2,154 kg of electronics, to be recycled by Shanked Computer Recycling
  • 5,698 kg of clothing and household items donated to Goodwill
  • 352 kg of food and toiletry donations for the Campus Food Bank
  • 1148 empty personal care and beauty containers sent to Terracycle to be transformed into recycled plastic

A total of 58% of the materials produced as part of residents moving out was diverted from landfill, a number calculated based on the total weight of materials recycled/donated as compared to the materials that went to landfill.

Here are a few quotes from a survey, in response to the question, “What did you like best about Eco Move Out 2013?” residents said:

  •  “I love the fact that there are environmentally friendly options available to students moving out of residence. Without Eco Move Out, all of these items would have been thrown into the garbage instead of given to the appropriate resources for others to use or to be recycled.”
  • “It made moving out a lot easier to have options for recycling and donating items.”
  • “Eco Move Out is an easy way to educate students on how simple and effortless recycling can be. It will further help reduce over consumption (I’d hope) and lessen an individual’s footprint on the environment.”
  • “It was an excellent idea for Lister. Move out tends to be very rushed after students’ last final exam and a lot of useful/recyclable things are thrown out. I love that this saves a lot of waste.”

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