Goodwill’s free native app for iPhone and Android smart phones is now available in the App Store and Google Play. As Goodwill shoppers and donors increasingly access data on the go, we want to make it easier to find Goodwill locations by providing convenient, real-time information.

Users of the app can find their closest Goodwill location by enabling their devices’ geolocation services or by entering address information. Hours for each location and the various types of services offered will be displayed as well. The user can even save their favorite Goodwill locations within the app and avoid searching for them on future shopping or donating expeditions.

Goodwill collaborated with AT&T Corporation to build the functionality that allows Goodwill’s online locator to communicate with the mobile app.  That way, the most current information about stores will always be available to app users.

“We are very excited about the app and the ability it will give our customers to find their closest locations to shop or donate,” said Thomas Royal, multimedia/public relations specialist for Goodwill. “Customers have already let us know through social media how the app has helped them locate our stores while they were in our territory on vacation.”

The Goodwill Mobile locater app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play.