On June 21, NBC’s Rock Center aired a program on Goodwill’s disabled workers sub-minimum-wage pay, while some executives earn six figure salaries.

“As an independent Goodwill, we govern according to the laws and policies of Alberta and Canada. Each local Goodwill makes decisions based on community needs and resources, its capacity and the population it serves.” says CEO, Dale Monaghan.

“We offer a competitive compensation package including pay and benefits. Our comprehensive benefits package includes group coverage for health and dental, life insurance, long-term disability and pension plans for full time employees,” Monaghan adds.

As an independently-operated Goodwill, all funds raised through our Goodwill Industries of Alberta stores and donation centres stay in Alberta to help Albertans.

In the United States, some Goodwill’s utilize the U.S. Department of Labor’s Special Minimum Wage Certificate as a tool to employ people with severe disabilities. The Special Minimum Wage Certificate allows employers to pay a commensurate wage to people whose disabilities significantly impair their ability to obtain remunerative work.

“Providing a safe and nurturing environment for people with employment challenges to reach their full employment potential – whatever level that may be – is what we do at Goodwill,” says Jim Gibbons, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries International.

“Goodwill looks for ways in which people can maximize their productivity and even move into competitive integrated employment,” states Monaghan.

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