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About Goodwill Myth Busting

Let's bust some common myths about Goodwill Industries of Alberta

Goodwill Industries of Alberta strives to make a difference in the lives of those with disability through the power of work and the dignity of a job.

Unfortunately, throughout our legacy of GOOD and advancements of our mission, there have been some speculations of donation deception, thrift store falsehood and non-profit perjury surrounding our brand and we are here to set the record straight!

We pride ourselves on being an open book and don’t keep any secrets hidden away in some dark corner of the closet (probably surrounded by ready to donate items). So, if you have a question, ask us! We will be happy provide any answer you seek while most likely reminding you of our weekly tag colour or guiding you through the racks on racks of your next favourite preloved item.

Our big blue doors are always open and to prove just how committed we are to transparency, let’s shatter some superstitions and get kicked off with some of the GOOD stuff.


We love pie, that’s why we keep the largest piece. Only 12% of the companies profit goes towards it’s charity work.


Actually, 89% goes back to our mission of providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to enhance their lives through meaningful employment. This includes many of our initiatives like our Path to Employment programs, Goodwill at Work programs and our Sustainability Action Plan.


Fighting stance everyone! Goodwill has actively fought against legislative proposals to raise minimum wage.


All of our team members are paid the minimum wage or higher, according to Alberta Labour Laws.


“Oh say can you see…” Goodwill is operated out of the US. Profits made do not stay in the Great White North.


We have maple syrup in our blood! We are guided by an Albertan Board of Directors and we began our mission back in 1963, right here in Edmonton! All proceeds stay within Alberta and contribute to our mission.


Goodwill does not help our communities.


We offer charitable service programs through our Career Connections program, while supporting community initiatives like You Can Ride 2, Big Bin Events in Edmonton/Calgary and Recycling initiatives throughout Alberta


We hate formalities. We are NOT a registered charity.


We are a registered charity. In fact, we have been a registered charity with the CRA since 1967. You can view more here:


Our CEO (and real person), Mark Curran, is an American who makes over 2.3 million dollars per year from Goodwill.


Mark Curran? Who’s he? We don’t know who Mark Curran is but we do know that he is most definitely not our CEO and has not worked for any Goodwill…EVER. Goodwill is governed by a Board of Directors right here in Alberta and our President/CEO is a local Albertan dedicated to advancing the mission.


Goodwill takes the best donated books and resells them to other organizations.


ALL donated books are available in Goodwill thrift stores.

Well there you have it! Mystery solved. Case cracked. Order restored. The GOOD news is, we are always ready and willing to answer any of your questions surrounding our mission and want to make sure you know how your donations impact the community for the better.

Wanna be in the loop on the best of the myth busts? Make sure to follow us on social where your kept up to date with all of the fun factual things going on around our stores and the best of the best in regards to the good stuff.

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