A team of Goodwillians had a chance last week to participate in a ‘partnership launch’ event between Goodwill and Spruce Grove Composite High School.

“We’re so excited to partner with the school and these enthusiastic students!” exclaims Dale Monaghan, CEO and President.

“This opportunity provides a mutually-beneficial way to inspire teamwork and teach young people how they can make a difference in their communities.”

The school hosted a “Club Day” that encouraged students to check out the various school club opportunities and to donate gently-used clothing to Goodwill. Students who brought in donations received a large, free, homemade cookie.

Goodwill will purchase the donations, which the school will invest into school-related activities such as computer upgrades, leadership development, sports programs, arts and culture initiatives, etc.

The purpose of the partnership is threefold: to provide students an opportunity to earn revenue for various schools programs; to provide students an opportunity to be exposed to a social enterprise; and the opportunity for Goodwill to educate the students on philanthropy, future opportunities for persons with disabilities, and the importance of protecting the environment by supporting the reuse of goods and diverting them from the landfill.

“Our school partnership program intends to include more schools from the Spruce Grove region,” says Monaghan. “Stay tuned for more updates in the next month or two!”