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Publish Date: February 24, 2020

Goodwill Date Night

Everyone knows that famous dating profile quote “I like long walks on the beach”. But for "thrifting queen" and influencer Grace Rodgers, change the word beach to Goodwill. Grace is an avid thrifter and chronicles her thrift store finds and shopping tips on her Instagram page StyleandGracepreloved.  Introduced to thrifting at a young age, Grace shops weekly at Goodwill and along with partner Nick, loves to hit Goodwill for their version of date night.


Grace Rodgers of Styleandgracepreloved

With Grace’s love of Goodwill, thrifting and with Valentines Day around the corner, we asked if we could tag along on one of their Goodwill date nights and we even challenged them to a thrift off- where they were tasked to put together a full outfit for only $20.

We followed Grace and Nick as they went on their date at our Beacon Heights Store in Calgary. Here’s a few tips and tricks Grace shared with us for a successful Thrift off and shopping trip:

  1. Always check for what colour of tag is on sale – the tag colour on sale changes weekly
  1. Hit your favourite sections first and maximize your time – Grace loves the jean, shoes and book sections - so she spends most of her shopping trips in these sections before moving on
  1. Grab a cart – you never know how many options you’ll want to try on and it helps to keep your hands free for shopping
  1. Check the put away racks by the dressing rooms - it may not have been a winner for the person who tried it on before, but you could find a few winners that work for you
  1. Scope out the selection behind the counter – Behind the counter is where more treasures can be found. Spot something you’d like to see? One of our friendly team members would be happy to assist you!

At the end of the date, Grace and Nick had their final outfits ready. Grace found a gorgeous, green formal coat and paired it with booties. Nick went plumber chic with one-piece green coverall and accessorized with a Calgary flames snapback hat.  After putting the vote out to our Instagram followers, Grace was determined the winner!

takeover 3

Nick's Plumber Chic Look


Grace in a gorgeous green coat

So next time you're looking for your next date night, jump in the car, challenge your partner to a thrift off and enjoy long walks through Goodwill, hand in hand.


Nick and Grace in their final Thrift Off Outfits

Courtesy of Shannon Black

Goodwill Industries of Alberta Contributor

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