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Goodwill @ Work

Community workplace for those with a disability

Goodwill @ Work is composed of micro social enterprises that focus on creating opportunity for people with disabilities, training, and sustainability. These enterprises are based out of the AMAZING Edmonton Impact Centre and includes: Commercial Services, Repair For GOOD and the Assembly of products.

Cleaning Cloths

Our flagship product, the Cleaning Cloths, are made from towels and t-shirts that haven’t been able to find a second home through Goodwill’s retail stores. These items are transformed by the fantastic Commercial Services team into a new product that can be used in a variety of ways. Thanks to this program, every year Goodwill diverts over 14,000 kilograms of towels and t-shirts from local landfills. This magnificent product can be found at our retail stores our at Hughes Carwash and Northern Co-op retailers.

Repair For GOOD

Our sustainability footprint continues to grow with our partnership with ATB Financial and the Repair for Good program. This program is where we have the ability to repair and upcycle un-usable furniture and re-selling the item at an affordable price to our customers. Our community of partners and customers have given us tremendous support in donating supplies, referring volunteers, and buying the beautiful pieces we’ve upcycled.

Assembly of Products

We help organizations throughout Western Canada complete projects in the fields of assembly, manufacturing, and packaging while employing people with disabilities. We proudly work with:
  • Suncor to assemble bolt kits
  • Telus to assemble NEDCO wires;
  • Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association Hotel Cleaning Cloths;
  • EECOL Electric solar bracket kits and cables.

Other Services

  • Sorting
  • Mail Assembly
  • Folding and Labelling
  • Counting & packaging materials parts & promotion materials
  • Assembly of manufactured parts
  • Packaging products and kit assembly
  • Cleaning cloth sales, individually packaged or bulk sales.

Alberta Ecotrust

Alberta EcoTrust’s Environmental Impact program is a key supporter of the Goodwill@Work program in Calgary, providing support to get the team hired and in place, as well as equipment purchases for the Repair for Good program. 

Thanks to this foundation, the Cleaning Cloth program and Repair for Good program will be fully operational in 2023. 
Alberta Ecotrust

Capital Power Community Sustainability Fund Grant

Awarded in 2023, this grant supports the Mend for Good reuseable bags program at the Calgary Impact Centre. These funds allow for the purchase of sewing machines and other required materials, plus the costs associated with the training of persons with disabilities to make the bags out of unsold denim donations.

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