Your Donations Change Albertans’ Lives & Support Our Non-Profit

For almost 60 years (since 1963), Goodwill Industries of Alberta has helped connect Albertans with disabilities to employment. We do that with the help of your donations.

More than 89 cents from every dollar (89.2 cents to be exact) generated from the sales of your generous donations goes to supporting programs & services for Albertans with disabilities.

Your Donations Directly Help Albertans with Disabilities

Your donations create jobs for Albertans with disabilities at Goodwill stores and donation centres across the province. Your generously donated items are sold in our thrift stores in your community and the revenues generated support our exceptional employment programs including:

Path to Employment: Our Path to Employment program supports Albertans with disabilities in finding employment or volunteer opportunities. We assist individuals with identifying their employment goals, employment preparation, job search and employment coaching.

Commercial Services Division: Goodwill’s Commercial Services Division is one of our social enterprise initiatives employing Albertans with disabilities to provide professional assembly and packing services. Our employees provide innovative and cost-saving services for businesses in Alberta such as, assembly, labelling, sorting, and packaging.

Your Donations Reduce the Environmental Footprint in Our Communities

We recycle 4 million kg every year. In addition to supporting Albertans with disabilities, we are committed to the environment. Donations that can not be sold are recycled, or repurposed so that they are kept out of landfills. Our goal is to encourage Albertans to reuse goods by shopping at Goodwill thrift stores and to reduce waste by donating their clothing, furniture and household items to Goodwill.

We Think a Personal Touch Still Matters

You deserve more than just a bin to place your valuable cherished donations. Those clothes you wore the day you met your special partner, or that top that always seemed to bring an extra compliment; they have special value to you and we get that. At Goodwill Donation Centres and Donation Drives you are greeted by one of our team members who will handle your items with respect and care.

Ways to Get Involved

Donate Your Clothing


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What People Say About Goodwill

It has given me a sense of purpose I could never probably get somewhere else I love to come to work every day and be greeted like I’m family thanks so much for my job.


Great thrift stores. Nice to see them helping people in the community, not just through donations they sell in store, but by providing opportunities for work and training for Albertans with disabilities. Keep it up Goodwill.

Nate, B2B

Great organization doing great things hiring great people and doing great work!!!

Leon, CH

Unlike some posters, I find the prices to be quite reasonable, especially with the rotating 50% off sales. I’ve found many brand-name items, some with tags still attached. Furniture can be a bit more iffy – I prefer the selection at Find – but there’s tons of books and household goods. Staff have always been friendly and helpful.