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Why Donate To Goodwill?

Since 1963, Goodwill Industries of Alberta has helped connect Albertans with disabilities to employment. We do that with the help of your donations.

As a non-profit, FOR IMPACT organization, more than 90 cents from every dollar generated from the sales of your generous donations go towards supporting programs & services for our mission.

More reasons why donate to Goodwill

In addition to supporting Albertans with disabilities, we are committed to the environment and our community.

Donations that can not be sold are recycled and repurposed to keep them our out of our landfills. Every year, we recycle over 4 million kg of unwanted items and divert over 19 million kg from area landfills.

Our goal is to encourage Albertans to reuse goods by shopping at Goodwill thrift stores and to reduce waste by donating their clothing, furniture and household items to Goodwill.

Shopping Tax Free, Since 1963!

At Goodwill, because we are a non-profit organization, all items purchased within our store are TAX FREE! That's 5% savings EVERY TIME YOU SHOP!

Personal touch matters

You deserve more than just a bin to place your valuable cherished donations. Those clothes you wore the day you met your special partner, or that top that always seemed to bring an extra compliment; they have special value to you and we get that.

At Goodwill Donation Centres and Donation Drives you are greeted by one of our team members who will handle your items with respect and care. With this personal touch, we have been able to cherish these valuable donations, from a Narwhal Tusk (now displayed at the North America Arctic Museum) to War medallions that have been returned to family members.
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