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Donation Drives For GOOD

One way to get involved is to host your own Community Donation Drive. By partnering with Goodwill, our staff can assist with organizing, planning and promotional materials. PLUS all of your donations will go to help support our mission!
Donation Drive Toolkit

Donation Guide

Goodwill Industries of Alberta makes a difference in your community. Your generously donated items are sold in our stores and the revenue generated provides employment opportunities for Albertans with disabilities. We work hard to ensure each donation makes the biggest impact on those we serve. Throughout Alberta you will find 14 Goodwill retail thrift stores and 24 donation centers.
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Volunteer With Goodwill

Goodwill sells and recycles donated goods, keeping tons of stuff out of landfills each year and the proceeds from the sales provide job training and services to people with disabilities.

We believe that strong communities are made up of individuals whose dignity is affirmed by meaningful work. The more people who donate, thrift shop, and volunteer for Goodwill, the stronger our community because!
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