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Our diverse team boasts many unique talents and we know that achieving our mission requires incredible talent and teamwork. 

At Goodwill, we share common values and we’re all team players who believe in supporting one another at all levels of the business. 

Leadership sets the tone for the organization, and we focus on fostering a positive, collaborative environment.


Acknowledge the concerns of others by understanding their situation, feelings and motives.


Visualize future possibilities leading to the achievement of our strategic outcomes.


Nurture a culture of openness and trust.

DEI at Goodwill

At Goodwill, our DEI Committee (task force) is made up of team members from across Alberta with different cultural backgrounds. This team is repsonsible for leading cultural and ethical activities/changes within the organization.

With about 1,000 team members throughout the organization, 51% speak more than one language, with 57% having a minority background.

Goodwill Cares

The Goodwill Cares program started in 2022 with the goal of ensuring all of team member with access to a life coach, to support them with the diverse challenges they experience in their lives. These life coaches help you make progress in your life, in order to attain greater fulfillment.

They can help team members with advocating and referring to community supports, accessing public services, career preparation and goal development, interpersonal relationships, and life transitions.

Goodwill Cares helps with:
• Advocating and referring you to community supports
• Personal and life coaching
• Assists with goal development and career preparation
• Team dynamics and interpersonal communication
• UKG support and onboarding support
• Ongoing support to ensure accountability
• Or if you just someone to talk to…

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

Goodwill is a proud employer partner of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), as we work on championing inclusive employment in Alberta.

The CCDI is a national charity with the mandate of building a more inclusive Canada, by bringing together and supporting people to become change agents through thought leadership, research, education, and action.

All team members will share a sense of belonging and feel valued as a key part of Goodwill and Goodwill’s success.

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