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Emilie loves thrifting because it gets me out of my head and becomes a scavenger hunt for beautiful pieces with history or a unique story. There are no rules when thrifting. She gets in a flow when she thrifts and truly appreciates the full experience - from the sound of the metal hangers on the metal rack to the aisle traffic jams to the discovery of a beautiful 1960s tag that she has never seen before.

Although Emilie did not thrift as a child, in high school, she would go to vintage stores and feel the history. She has always been someone who loves shopping and who loves a deal.

It was only in 2019 that Emilie discovered thrifting through fashion and style podcasts that opened her world up to a more sustainable way of living my dreams. She now only thrifts - from decor in her closet, everything is secondhand and thrifted and I feel rejuvenated and relieved by it.

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Go into the thrift store knowing what kind of prints and/or colours you are looking for! You can train your eye to only look at the pieces that fit within those parameters. Bring a measuring tape and compare to your own measurements. But remember, if the clothes don't fit, it's not your body that is wrong, it is the clothing.

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