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Marie Carson DIY of the Year 2023

Marie Carson

For Marie, Thrifting just hits on so many of my values and interests.
She likes spending less money and is always proud to say “I got this great thing and I didn't pay a fortune!”

It’s all about the treasure hunt; the creativity of giving new life to old things, the thrill of finding just the right match or surprise of something she didn't set out to find, but just works so well. Marie loves to keep stuff out of the landfills and that when she donates, someone else can use things I no longer need, and that proceeds go to non-profits.

It feels good. It just makes sense; feeding the treasure hunter, artist, environmentalist, philanthropist, and yes, the cheapskate, parts of her all in one shopping trip!

Marie buys everything second-hand, if she can. For her cabin, she was determined to use as much found and thrifted items as possible, which was nearly everything. She’s extra proud of what she accomplished because shew was able to reuse and refurbish so much and it feels more meaningful.
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