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About How To Shop Like A Pro In A Thrift Shop In Edmonton

Visiting a thrift shop in Edmonton can be a fun and rewarding experience. Of course, most people enjoy thrift store shopping and the thrill of discovering great deals. Nevertheless, finding amazing deals and quality products at a thrift store in Edmonton AB is not just luck. Anyone can learn how to thrift shop like a pro! That means finding great deals every time you visit a thrift store near you!

To help you learn to shop like a pro in a thrift shop in Edmonton, we will share our top tips for becoming a better thrifter. Plus, we will look at some of the best thrift stores in Edmonton - so you know exactly where to start your thrifting journey.

Ready to become a better thrifter? Let's go!

Group of friends thrift store shopping in Edmonton

Why is thrifting so popular?

You might be asking yourself - why is thrifting so popular in Edmonton? Well, there are multiple reasons. Many people prefer thrift store shopping over buying from big box stores because thrifting can help them:

  • Save money
  • Find unique items
  • Contribute to environmental sustainability (by reducing waste that goes to the landfill)
  • Support their local community

The positive social and environmental benefits of thrift shopping in Edmonton are crucial to why thrifting is so popular. 

The best thrift stores in Edmonton, like Goodwill Alberta, support this initiative by using profits to benefit the local community. For example, 90¢ of every $1 that Goodwill makes goes directly to programs that help people in the community with disabilities.

So, by shopping at a Goodwill thrift shop in Edmonton, you can promote positive change in your community - while saving money and the environment!

Woman thrift shopping like a pro in a thrift shop in Edmonton

How can I get better at thrift store shopping?

Shopping like a pro in a thrift shop in Edmonton is simple. However, you'll need to practice to get better at thrift store shopping. So, next time you need clothing, furniture, books, games etc., visit a thrift store near you. 

Another critical factor in improving your thrift store shopping is becoming familiar with your local Edmonton thrift stores. The more you visit thrift stores near you, the better you'll get to know each store. As a result, you'll learn how to get the best deals and find the best items.

Now, let's look at some thrifting strategies to help you shop like a pro at a thrift store near you. 

How do you shop like a pro at a thrift shop in Edmonton?

You'll need to know two things well to shop like a pro at a thrift shop in Edmonton. 

  1. Your home and closet
  2. The thrift shops in your area

Here is what we mean by this.

Woman looking through her closet to see what she needs from the Goodwill thrift shop in Edmonton

Know Your Home and Closet

If you know your home and closet well, you will see what you have, what you need, and what you can get rid of.

  • Know what you have - knowing what you already have in your home and closet will help you find items and clothing that fit your style. You'll see hundreds of items when you walk into a thrift shop in Edmonton. Sifting through these items without knowing what you're looking for can be overwhelming. Therefore, becoming familiar with what you have at home can make thrift store shopping in Edmonton less stressful. 
  • Know what you need - if you know what you have, you can quickly discover what you need from the thrift store. Make a list before you visit so you can weed out items that will distract you from what you need. (This strategy will also save you money!)
  • Know what you can get rid of - we mentioned that you need to visit your local thrift shop whenever possible to get better at thrift shopping. That said, it is also crucial that you don't accumulate too much stuff! Clutter in your closet and home can be a burden. So, to prevent chaos, try to stick to the "one item in, one item out" rule. In other words, whenever you get a new item at the thrift store, you should also get rid of something you have at home.

If you have clothing, footwear, sporting equipment, or other items to get rid of, consider donating to your local Goodwill! 

Ready to donate? Find a donation centre.

Know Your Local Thrift Shop in Edmonton

Knowing the thrift shops near you will also help you shop like a pro. 

Here are some of the top things you should know about the thrift stores in your area.

  • How often they get new items
  • The demographic of the surrounding neighbourhood (this can help you determine what types of items you'll find at the thrift shop)
  • When their sales days are

Once you know your home and local thrift stores, you can take a few more steps to become a thrifting pro.

Thrift store sale at a Goodwill thrift shop in Edmonton

More Tips for Thrift Store Shopping in Edmonton

  • Look for deals in various locations. All thrift shops in Edmonton and the surrounding area are different. So, look around before setting your sights on a single store.
  • Sign up to receive notifications when new deals arrive. For example, sign up for the Goodwill Alberta Newsletter. Once on the email list, you'll be alerted to the latest and greatest deals at thrift stores near you.
  • Look for deals that are 50% off or more! You might think it's rare to find 50% off - especially at an Edmonton thrift shop! But Goodwill Alberta offers weekly 50% off deals. So, never settle for a sale that is less than half off!

Don't take it from us - check out Goodwill's current thrift store deals.

What is the best thrift store in Edmonton?

Goodwill SouthPark is one of the biggest and best thrift stores in Edmonton.

Ready to put these strategies to the test? If so, you're probably wondering - what is the best thrift store near me? Luckily, there are many great thrift shops in Edmonton!

Some of the best thrift stores in Edmonton and throughout Alberta include:

Why are Goodwill stores the best thrift stores in Edmonton? Well, not only are Goodwill stores clean, organized and full of exciting and high-quality items, but when you shop at Goodwill, you're also doing good for others!

With 23 locations throughout Alberta, there is guaranteed to be a Goodwill location near you. So, stop by one of our thrift shops today for great deals, friendly staff and high-quality items.

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