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Charlene started thrifting at a very young age. She grew up in a small town and had limited shopping options, so her sister would take her along to thrift stores with her friends!

Charlene's favorite Goodwill find is a pair of open-shelf nightstands. They were very dated and frankly just u-g-l-y, yet they had so much potential and couldn’t be left them behind.

When thrifting the first thing Charlene looks for is furniture. Anything unique, antique, mid-century modern, and in decent shape. She is also always thrifting for “staging” decor for my furniture pieces. She love's thrifting for artwork, brass figures, vases, wooden items, and milk glasses.

Winning this award means so much to her as she absolutely loves what she does and takes such pride in her work so to have that recognized and appreciated feels wonderful for her!

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A thrift tip I have for someone just starting out would be to go early and go often! New things are put out every day and getting there early gives your first opportunity to find all the treasures.

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