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Shelby Deep

On a surface level, the thrill of the chase is what initially got Shelby into thrifting. The treasure hunt aspect of going into a thrift store not knowing what you can find is still fun to this day.

The cycle of donating my items that she knows people will get use from while buying other items people donated is a beautiful system. Being able to support the community and non-profits while reducing waste and my carbon footprint is a great byproduct of thrift shopping.

She’s also learnt so much through thrifting. Buying unique items that I know nothing about and going home to research and learn about those items has been a lot of fun. Putting in the time to research the history and background of vintage and antique items is something that she would not have done without thrifting.

Being able to connect with friends, old and new, around this has been wonderful. Thrifting will continue to be part of her life and something I will always promote.
Shelby Antique finds
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