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Publish Date: May 2, 2017

Cheryl Bernard Shares Resiliency Story

In April Goodwill ambassador Cheryl Bernard had a series of presentations where she shared her story about resiliency and what it meant to step onto the Olympic podium to the roar of hundreds of thousands of fiercely proud Canadians.  All the while promoting and positioning Goodwill as our ambassador and spokesperson.

She kicked things off in Spruce Grove where she was the key note speaker at the Champions of Good celebration where the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove celebrated the outstanding service of their youth.


Cheryl then spoke to our to Support Services to share her story about getting up after a fall. She recounted how she finally stood up on the Olympic podium after many years of trying. Cheryl inspired Goodwill’s team to always preserver and not to give up even after a defeat. Cheryl ended things off with the Parkland County team where she presented to 275 people. She motivated and moved everyone in the room, and in doing so she received a standing ovation!

Thank you Cheryl for sharing your story and inspiring people to keep reaching for their goals and never giving up!

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