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Publish Date: August 22, 2017

Goodwill at the Annual Grove Cruise!

Spruce Grove - Goodwill took part in the annual Grove Cruise, a summer festival for car lovers from August 18 through 20 - in partnership with RE/MAX Real Estate Spruce Grove. Goodwill participated in the Amazing Cruise event which included a pit stop at the Goodwill in Spruce Grove. Drivers of the beautiful participating cars and trucks began the cruise at the Re/MAX Real Estate where they were handed a treasure map to search five more businesses including Goodwill. Upon arriving Glen Coulson, Goodwill’s store manager handed the participants our signature cleaning cloths promotional set. The first couple of the day to make it to the Goodwill pit stop were Ron and Sharon, longtime community members and owners of Gifts and Gadgets. It was the first year for Goodwill to participate in the annual Grove Cruise and we’re planning to take part in the festival kick-off next year.

Thank you to everyone who took part on the treasure hunt! We hope you enjoy your cleaning cloths!

Thank you @lightsparkphotography for all the wonderful photos and moments that you captured!

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