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Step 1: Get Halloween Costume Inspiration

I already know what I’m going to be and just need to find a location

Not sure what to be for Halloween this year? Don’t worry! Goodwill has got your back. Each Goodwill Thrift Store location has a Halloween Consultant on staff to help you find the perfect pieces for your Halloween Costume. Plus our team has put together some great Halloween Costume Guides that you’ll find on our blog (or at the top of this page).

Got your own great Halloween Costume idea? Share it with us on Instagram using #goodwillhalloween

Download Look Book

Step 2: Donate Your Old Costumes To Goodwill

Have an old Halloween costume sitting in a box or drawer somewhere? We would love to receive your past Halloween costume donations!

Bring your gently used costumes to any Goodwill Thrift Store or stand alone Donation Centre. We’ll resurrect your Halloween costume and get it into the hands of another Goodwillian!

Step 3: Find Your Nearest Goodwill Halloween Costume Center

Goodwill & Halloween were made for each other! With thousands of new costume opportunities being added to the shop floor every day, you’ll be able to piece together the perfect Halloween costume; all while helping Albertans with disabilities find meaningful employment!

Did you know? Every Goodwill Thrift Store location has brought in new halloween costume accessories, makeup, wigs, and more! You can even find brand new children’s costumes.

Bonus Step: Share Your Goodwill Inspired Halloween Costume

If you love Halloween as much as our Social Media team does, then we want you to share your Halloween Costume or DIY Decoration with us. We’ll share our favorites with the rest of the Goodwill Alberta Community so they can be amazed at your creativity. Plus, getting some credit for supporting Alberta’s Non-Profit Clothing Donation Center’s is pretty cool too, we guess.

Just take a picture and do one of the following: