Over two years ago Power of Work client Michael was working independently at a welding shop. Unfortunately, during an economic downturn, Michael was laid off from his job. Shortly after, he joined the Power of Work program hoping that he could find support in his job search. The program helped Michael focus on his strong skills and abilities in order to find the perfect placement. It was important to Michael that he finds a good job so that he could help support his family.
During his job search, Michael had the opportunity to volunteer at the Edmonton Food Bank and the Re-Use Centre. These volunteer opportunities helped him add to his skillset, developing stronger people and organizational skills. “My favorite part about volunteering with these organizations was the opportunity to help other people out,” Michael says.
This would prove valuable, as it wasn’t long after these volunteer positions that a job at Wendy’s opened up and the job coordinators at the Power of Work Program knew Michael would be the perfect fit. Michael applied for the new opening, had an interview and got the job as their new maintenance worker. When asked about working at Wendy’s, Michael says “I like my job because I like to meet new people, I love helping others.”
Michael likes working with the Power of Work team. He says, “Everyone is so friendly, helpful and funny, kind of like friends.” His job coach is always there for him when he needs her and there to check up on him to see how he is doing in his role. Michael is a very patient individual who loves cooking, his family, and his dogs. One day Michael would love to be a welder and until then he is happy at work, learning new things, meeting new people and growing his skills.