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About How to shop at the AMAZING Edmonton Impact Outlet Store

The Blue Bin Experience at the AMAZING Edmonton Impact Centre!

Q: Ever wonder what happens to the items that don’t sell in our thrift stores?

A: The items are sent to our Amazing Impact Centre where they get sorted and have one more chance to find a new home for a fraction of the price!

If you haven’t been to the outlet store or are wondering how you go about getting your hands on some of those overlooked hidden gems, you’re missing out! Located at 11415 168 St. NW in Edmonton at the AMAZING Edmonton Impact Centre, this has become a thrifters paradise. Let us tell you about everything you need to know to prepare for your trip!

Step 1: The Layout

Scattered throughout the Outlet Store are Giant blue bins, with each bin containing a select group of items. One bin can contain a variety of records, while another bin can contain winter wear.

Step 2: Get ready to rumble!

Shoppers line up in the designated section, because every 25 minutes a new bin replaces an older bin and it’s first come, first serve for the items!

Step 3: Ready and GO!

Once the bin is in the designated area and it’s safe to shop, a Goodwill employee will give a signal or blow a whistle when shoppers can begin their shopping experience.

This is your chance to grab all of your thrift finds and items! Make sure you do a thorough search, this is the last chance anyone has to snag these items before they get recycled!

Put all your special finds in your cart and hop to the next bin! There are lots more unique pieces to discover!

Step 4: All thrifted out!

Once you’ve snagged your goods, head to the front to have your haul weighed!

Pricing is dependent on weight. If you’re under 50 lbs., it is $1.99 per pound, but if you’re over 50 lbs., it is only 99 cents per pound!

Please note, that there is special pricing for books, glassware and furniture to save you the most money!


Step 5: Do a happy dance!

Once you have paid and loaded up your thrift haul, do a happy dance! By shopping at Goodwill’s outlet store you not only snagged some amazing thrift finds but directly diverted items from a landfill and supported one GOOD mission! We’d say that’s something to celebrate!

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