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About 60 Years of GOOD

Since 1963, Goodwill has helped provide meaningful employment for those with disabilities and barriers to the workforce.

From the very first Goodwill store on 103rd avenue in downtown Edmonton, to more than a dozen retail stores across Alberta, Goodwill is striving to make a positive impact in our province.

This is possible because of the amazing donations of clothing or used household items by people like you each and every year.

For 60 years, your donated shirt is giving people like Andre a chance to enhance their job skills.

For 60 years, your donated coffee mugs are giving people like Shelly an opportunity to contribute back to the community.

For 60 years, your donated records are giving people like Justin a chance to fulfill their dreams.

For 60 years, Goodwill is providing opportunity, service and GOOD.

Thank you for making a difference by donating to Goodwill and continuing our mission of helping those with disabilities and barriers an opportunity to find and gain meaningful employment.

60 Years of Opportunity

In 1963, the Edmonton Rehabilitation Society (ERS) officially adopted the name Goodwill at a Board of Directors meeting in October of that year. This landmark decision also opened the very first Goodwill store in the province. Since 1963, Goodwill and the ERS have done so much good for the community, creating training and employment opportunities for those disabilities and barriers to the workforce.

First Goodwill Store opens in 1963
First Goodwill Store opens in 1963

60 Years of Service

Since 1983, Goodwill is a Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) certified operation, continually improving and leading for ways to serve those barriers.

While, Goodwill is an operation that has about 30% of the workforce with a self-disclosed disability, it's all about finding the right job for the right person, whether at Goodwill or with other organizations across the province. Goodwill has worked with over 2,000 separate employers, employing thousands of individuals since 1963.

The work continues through our Career Connections program (formally the Power of Work program), as Goodwill works closely with Persons with Developmental Disabilities, educating employers through programs like the Employer Inclusion Accelerator and working with organizations like Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM), the Pan Disability Connection and the Special Olympics, among others.

Past Goodwill stores and donations being received to support the mission
Past Goodwill stores and donations being received to support the mission

60 Years of GOOD

As we celebrate 60 years, we’ll have a number of happenings in our communities throughout the year, utilizing the GOOD that has been done over the past by each and every one of you.

This includes celebrating our mission, our sustainability efforts, our community, our shoppers, our donors, our volunteers and the hard working people at Goodwill.

Prepare for a full year of surprises and events, from store openings, donation centre openings, Proclamations from the province, lighting the skies of Alberta blue, Thrifting buses, the Thrifting Hall of Fame, the Special Olympics and so much more!

Thank you for making a positive impact in our province by donating to Goodwill and celebrating 60 years of service!

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