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Need some Good in your Life? Try a Good Four Minutes

Need some Good in your Life? Try a Good Four Minutes

Research has shown that continually taking in bad news hurts your everyday mentality, leading to negative psychological effects.

Sound familiar?

Well, starting out each morning with things that make you feel happiness, joy, and love can increase your mood for the rest of your day. Doom and gloom stories are being shared throughout our feeds each day, making the world feel like an empty place. So we're changing things up, by giving you a GOOD feeling with some GOOD news!

Goodwill Industries of Alberta has partnered with 630 CHED, News Talk 770 in Calgary, and Global Edmonton to spread some GOOD news throughout the region. Not only can you experience, and share the GOOD when you visit any of our retail and donation locations across Alberta, but you can also now start your day with a smile.

These stories will all be about FUN, SMILES and INSPIRING stories from around the world. With the help of Global, CHED and 770, at 7:50 a.m each weekday, GOOD news stories are coming right to your doorstep!

“Goodwill, it’s the news, are you SURE it’ll be GOOD?” Absolutely! Take a listen below to hear how you can start your days in the best way.

Make your mental health a priority and set aside time to reflect on the GOOD! (Even if it is just 4 minutes).

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