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Goodwill Round UP

There’s something new coming to a Goodwill near you!

Every time you shop at your local Goodwill, you have the chance to make a difference and now it’s easier than ever to help Albertans with disabilities find purposeful employment.

Introducing: Goodwill Round UP!

At checkout, you will have the opportunity to Round UP your purchase to the nearest dollar, but you might be wondering; “where will that extra money go?”


Every cent you donate through our Round UP program will go directly towards our mission. This adds to the 89 cent of every dollar you’ve already donated by shopping in our stores. This means more resources to help Albertans with disabilities train; find; and gain, meaningful employment in our community.

At Goodwill, your CHANGE will CHANGE a life!

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  1. What is the Goodwill Round UP program?
    1. Our Round Up program is a way for shoppers to help enhance Goodwill’s mission of helping those with disabilities to find and gain meaningful employment.
  2. How do I Round UP?
    1. You can either “Round UP” your purchase to the nearest dollar or donate a set amount that you desire. All of these options will be available to you at the check-out.
  3. How does my change help?
    1. At Goodwill89, cents of every dollar you spend at our stores directly funds our mission of helping those with barriers to get into the workforce. Under Round UP, 100% of the proceeds goes directly to our programs.
  4. What programs do you have for these services?
    1. Goodwill is proud to be one of the largest employers of people with disabilities in the province, with nearly 30% of over 700 staff members having a self-disclosed disability. Goodwill also has a Career Connections Program, where individuals with disabilities are able to train and prepare to find the right career opportunity; either in Goodwill or with a partner organization, striving for long-term success.
  5. Aren’t I helping just by shopping?
    1. Yes! You absolutely are and we couldn’t thank you enough for your support! Having said this, your extra generosity will go the extra mile to create a purpose and strengthen your community by helping more people overcome barriers to employment.
  6. Where can I learn about how my change is being used?
    1. You can visit our website at to read about our programs, services and our mission. You can also contact us at or 780-944-1414.
  7. Great, how can I start contributing today?
    1. You can start by visiting your nearest Goodwill, by finding that one-of-a-kind item that fits perfectly in your wardrobe or household. Visit to find one near you!

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