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Thrifting Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

Spring/Summer 2022 thrifting fashion trends are here! Are you ready? To help you put together the perfect summer look, we’ve created this guide to the latest thrifting fashion trends. Our goal - to help you find clothes you’ll love, without breaking the bank. 

High-end fashion brands may set the style, but you don’t need to pay high-end prices to get the latest summer look. Your local thrift shop has everything you need to pull off these fashion trends! With the help of our Spring/Summer 2022 thrifting fashion guide, all you’ll need to do to get summer ready is head down to your local Goodwill. 

So, let’s get into it! Here are the top Spring/Summer thrifting fashion trends for 2022.

What fashion trends are coming back in 2022?

Spring/Summer 2022 is set to be a blast from the past. Whether or not you were around to experience it the first time, Y2K fashion is back! In fact, thanks to social media, Y2K fashion has become one of the most popular thrifting trends of 2022. We’re talking crop tops, low-rise pants, shorts and skirts, bellbottoms and colour from head to toe.

Luckily, if you’re a fashionista at heart, staying on top of this thrifting fashion trend won’t be hard. You’ll find everything thing you need at your local thrift shop.

Girls dressed in the latest thrifting fashion from Goodwill Alberta
Thrifting Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2022 7

What colours are in fashion for summer 2022?

When we said - “colour from head to toe” - we meant it! Summer 2022 is all about bright, bold colours. But what are the most popular colours for this summer? According to fashion shows across the globe - lime green, yellow, orange, purple and red.

Don’t worry, these trending colours won’t be hard to come by. Just head down to your local Goodwill to find fifty shades of everything! You’ll find all the colourful pieces you need for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Now, are you ready to dive into the specifics? Here are some of the most popular thrifting fashion pieces for Spring/Summer 2022.

Spring/Summer 2022 Thrifting Fashion Trends

As we mentioned above, Y2K fashion will be the headliner this summer. To stay on-trend, here’s what to look for at your local thrift shop.

Colour, Colour and More Colour

Woman wearing a colourful outfit she thrifted at Goodwill for Summer 2022
Thrifting Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2022 8

Leave the drab neutrals at home this Spring/Summer! Colour is in - and the more the merrier. As we discussed above, bold, bright colours like green, yellow, orange and purple are all the rage this year. Whether you need an outfit for the beach or the office, head-to-toe colour is in.

This thrifting fashion trend is easy to put together. You’ll find plenty of colourful clothing at your local Goodwill. To pull off this look, pick out a bright top and pair it with colourful shorts (or a skirt) with a bold pattern. Plus, don’t forget the accessories!

Crop Tops

Woman models crop top thrifting fashion trend
Thrifting Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2022 9

Crop tops are back this Spring/Summer. For an eco and wallet-friendly option, check out the racks at your local Goodwill. 

Keep an eye out for colourful crop tops in solid or patterned prints. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Create the perfect crop top yourself by finding a cute tank or tee and sheering off the bottom! To finish off the look, grab a blouse or jacket to wear over top.

Micro Skirts

Woman dancing in a micro skirt she bought at a thrift store in Alberta
Thrifting Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2022 10

Miniskirts are back too - but this time they’re even shorter. Spring/Summer 2022 thrifting fashion trends are calling for micro skirts! 

To save big on this summer trend, skip the mall. Instead, head to a nearby thrift store location. Like with crop tops, there will be plenty of micro skirt options to choose from. And, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, a micro skirt is an easy DIY fashion piece.

To create your own micro skirt, take home any skirt from Goodwill and cut it shorter. Alternatively, grab a cute pair of shorts or pants and cut off the legs to create the perfect look. Remember - don’t forget the colour!

Baggy Jeans

Woman wearing baggy jeans from Goodwill for newest thrifting fashion
Thrifting Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2022 11

Skinny jeans are still around but baggy pants have made a big comeback this year. Luckily, this thrifting fashion trend is as comfortable as it is stylish. 

Ladies - when looking for baggy jeans at the thrift store, don’t overlook the men’s section! Men’s clothing doesn't have to be just for men. In fact, the men’s section is often the best place to look for oversized items like jeans and even sweatpants!

If you can’t find anything suitable, consider trying on items in a larger size than normal (this will help you achieve a baggier look). 

Want more insider thrifting tips? Check out our top 7 thrift store tips to make the most of your thrifting experience.

Pattern Mix n’ Match

Stylish outfit with mix and match patterns
Thrifting Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2022 12

This may be one of the easiest thrifting fashion trends on our list! To complete this mix n’ match look, simply piece together items with different patterns. Consider pairing patterned Spring/Summer items you already have at home with some new (to you) thrifted clothing items from your local thrift shop. 

The only important thing to remember here is to pull out a base colour that you can use to match all the items. This will help you create a more cohesive look.

Find the latest Thrifting Fashion Items at one of our Goodwill’s Thrift Shop Locations

Visiting your nearest Goodwill Shop is a sure bet for finding all the thrifting fashion items above.

That’s right - visit our local Goodwill thrift shop to find the newest items. Staying on top of the latest thrifting fashion trends has never been so simple! Just drop by our local thrift shop today and pick up your haul. It’s that easy!

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