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Spring Cleaning

Your Community. Your Goodwill.

Every day, Goodwill strengthens families and communities through the power of work and the dignity of a job.

During this year’s spring clean, it’s worth going through your closet and passing on things you no longer wear or need. Think of it as thrift karma and keep the cycle going. These outdated shirts, can be vintage pieces for someone else. You're old appliances will clear up space on your counter after their gone. Your bell-bottom jeans can become costumes for theatre productions.

All these items will raise money and provide employment programs and opportunities for Albertans who are differently-abled. You'll be supporting your community, through your Goodwill.

Your Donations.

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Your donations make a positive impact!

While your donations will provide employment opportunities, they will also make a positive impact on the environment.

If an item doesn’t find a new home through the traditional retail chain, Goodwill’s Sustainability Action Plan will ensure the item gets a second chance to bring someone else joy in their life or the item will be recycled responsibly.

Goodwill has close to a 90% diversion rate from the landfill and the organization as a whole diverts millions of kilograms every year!

Your Style.

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Your style makes a difference for those with barriers!

At the end of the day, it's all about style. Have fun with it and branch out a little from your usual picks. It is a much cheaper and eco-conscious way of trying NEW trends. Look for clothing that goes together—that way you know you'll actually be able to wear it.

Thrift items offer you a great opportunity to go highbrow-lowbrow, to mix vintage and modern, and to add some whimsy into your wardrobe. Shop for discarded prom dresses and pair them with sneakers and a jean jacket. Wear a gorgeous vintage jacket with a raggedy rock band t-shirt. Look for items that clash outrageously.

If you find a really great piece that's a little worn out, don't wear it with other old things, or your outfit will just look drab. Wear it with a brand new piece and turn its age into a statement.

Your DIY.

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Your DIY project creates employment for people with disabilities!

The truth is that anyone can be a good thrifter if they keep an open mind. It’s as simple as recognizing when an older piece needs a coat of paint, a little fix, or even just a little love.

Fabric: If you have basic sewing skills, look for fabric scraps to make for pillows, napkins, tablecloths, curtains, and any other project that could use a stash of mismatched prints.

Dining Tables: Smaller tables can be used in kitchens, dining rooms, or repurposed as a desk. If the table has a scuff or needs some DIY love, try sanding it and restyling it with chalk paint. It could turn in to the perfect farmhouse table!

Books: Not just for reading! Older hard cover books can be the perfect way to elegantly decorate your front entryway! Pair it with some re-purposed candle holders, decorative artwork and a family heirloom and you have the perfect welcoming piece to any house or condo.

Meet Your Community.

Our shoppers and our donors are what makes Goodwill, not just GOOD, but GREAT! Meet some people from your community to find out some great thrifting advice, tips and why they support our mission.

Mel and Family




Your Goodwill.

By supporting Goodwill, you're supporting your community. In fact, 89cents of every dollar spent at Goodwill goes back into our mission of helping Albertans with disabilities find and gain meaningful employment!

Your old clothes can be someone’s bright future, so please make a difference in a real person’s life today by donating to Goodwill!

Find your nearest Goodwill today!

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