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Recap: Goodwill's LIVE Virtual Fashion Show

After adapting to the restrictions and guidelines regarding public safety in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Goodwill had to be creative and innovative when it came to hosting events this year. With the help of Zoom, Goodwill’s first-ever Live Virtual Fashion Show was a smashing success! Local thrift experts from across the province turned their houses into catwalks while people from all over the world tuned in.

Jocy Outfit

Jocy McCormack, who goes by the instagram handle ojoshi, describes her style as laid back and hip, utilizing bold statement pieces and accessories to make her outfits pop.


The thrifting experts purchased and styled thrifted outfits found Goodwill stores from around the province.  Bringing their own unique style and flare, looks ranged from eclectic casual streetwear to 90’s glam with touches of feminine accents. The experts also shared their tips and tricks on how they style and shop for items at Goodwill. Described as “feel good” fashion, people shop thrift for different personal reasons, including supporting the social greater good, like Goodwill’s mission of helping Albertans with disabilities to find and gain meaningful employment, as well as to shift towards sustainable fashion.


yyc thrift guide

Mel Mathison of @YYCthriftguide on instagram focuses on sustainable fashion - vowing to purchase and reuse thrifted and used clothing for an entire 366! She shared more details about her adventure of #NoNewClothes during the show below


Thrifting expert Mel (who can be found at @ThriftyYYC on Instagram) is so committed to sustainability that the Mom is not purchasing new clothing for an entire 366 days! Instead Mel is focused on shopping for thrifted and used pieces, utilizing pieces already in existence within her closet to create new outfits every day.



For Sydney, Goodwill is one of her favourite places to shop not only because of the value in prices but in supporting Goodwill’s mission of helping Albertans with disabilities find and gain meaningful employment. The teen herself has cerebral palsy and is honoured to be an advocate for persons with disabilities.


While there is a stigma that thrifted clothes can be unstylish, viewers left the show inspired to create their own thrifted outfits and to head to their local Goodwill to shop thrifted, “feel good” fashion.

For those who missed the live show, a recorded version can be found and viewed below.

With the success of the first ever virtual fashion and viewers requesting for more, Goodwill is pleased to announce that another virtual show is in the works – stay tuned for more details! Hint: It’ll be holiday themed!

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