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Publish Date: November 19, 2021

THANK YOU for making a difference!

Since 1963, Goodwill has been making a positive impact by changing lives for the better, through the power of work and the dignity of a job.

THANK YOU to our shoppers, as your dollars provide purpose and employment to Albertans with disabilities.

THANK YOU to our donors, as your support helps the environment and changes lives for the better.

And THANK YOU to all Albertans as You stepped up for the GOOD of our community this year.

Together, we will continue to strengthen our province.

Throughout November and December, we’ll be saying thank you in our own unique GOODWILL way, because your contributions have helped further our mission of helping those with disabilities get back into the workforce, finding the right job, for the right person.

What does Goodwill mean to you?

Some things to consider about your contributions:
• You helped send over 150 Albertans through our Path to Employment.
• You’ve contributed to the more than 700,000 donations we received this past year.
• Through recycling and re-purposing we have diverted about 16million kilograms from landfills annually.
• 89 cents of every dollar you spent was reinvested into Goodwill’s mission.

Together we are changing lives for the better, strengthening families and communities through the power of work and the dignity of a job.

Thank you for visiting and supporting our donation centre. This contest is now closed.

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