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Publish Date: February 1, 2021

The Goodwill Volunteer Hub

Volunteer placements are in a holding pattern or they've been outright cancelled since the pandemic began last year. This left many people within our Career Connections division without a place to contribute back to the community.

Goodwill's Job Development Team took this challenge head-on and created "The Goodwill Volunteer Hub."

This Volunteer Hub is based out of Goodwill's Career Connections training facility on Whyte Ave. in Edmonton.

Here, individuals with disabilities assemble and create different 'kits' to help spread the GOOD vibes throughout our region.

It began with creating kits for disadvantaged people in the community (in partnership with the United Way). Different groups benefit from these kits and the packages range from:

  • A children's literacy kit
  • A senior's activity kit
  • A pencil case kit
  • A Thank You card to frontline workers

Other assembled kits include:

  • Share the GOOD packages to stimulate local business

Albertans' with disabilities assemble all items, creating dignity and joy through the power of work!

Assembly options are endless as this hub is a platform for volunteerism and community engagement.

We welcome this community engagement because of the challenges before us. As a result, when faced with CHALLENGES, OPPORTUNITIES  abound!

To help create more volunteer opportunities for these individuals, please contact us at:

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