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Publish Date: October 25, 2020

Halloween Ideas: Thrift Store Costumes Perfect for 2020

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The trending question this month - What are some good Halloween costumes? Coming up with Halloween ideas can oftentimes be daunting. However, the ever-unfolding events of this year provide plenty of available options for those who prefer a topical costume. If you're not sure what you're going to be this year, you’ve come to the right place! From outlandish worldwide events to Netflix hits, there’s no shortage of recognizable possibilities. What's even better - all of these costumes can be put together from pieces at your local thrift store.

Our Top 6 Halloween Ideas

Tigers are king

halloween ideas - carole baskin costume

Did Carole Baskin kill her husband? Who knows. But, what we do know is that Carole Baskin costumes will be all the rage this Halloween. So, grab a flower crown and pedal bike from your local thrift store and join the rest of the "cool cats and kittens" taking part in the Tiger King costume theme this year!

Heard of the Netflix sensation Tiger King? We’re betting you have. This Netflix special created quite the buzz around the globe, resulting in TikTok trends and a social media frenzy. So, whether you’re on Team Carole or Team Joe this costume theme is sure to be a hit.

For the Carole Baskin loving folks out there (whether or not you believe she killed her husband and got away with it), it’s easy to pull off this cool cat’s getup. Put together your very own Carole Baskin costume using common articles found at thrift stores - a fashionable flower crown, some bright animal print, oh and a bicycle, if possible!

Looking for something a little more glamorous? There’s no one who won’t recognize you as the Tiger King himself. Pull off Joe Exotic's signature look with the help from Goodwill Alberta thrift stores. All you’ll need to accomplish this - a bleach blonde wig, handlebar mustache, flamboyant button-down shirt, a good pair of jeans with a belt, and a camo ball cap, to top it all off.

Something cheer-full

cheerleader costume from thrift store

Cheerleader costumes are in this year, as Netflix's Cheer makes a splash.

Chances are you’ve dressed as a cheerleader at least once in your Halloween career. If not, it's guaranteed a friend or sibling has. While cheerleaders are a staple when it comes to Halloween, those dressed in cheer uniforms this year will have a bit more of a back story.

In early 2020, a documentary series, known as Cheer, debuted on Netflix and instantly became a hit. Following the lives of competitive cheerleaders, Cheer brought excitement, tears and a whole new perspective on cheerleading as a sport.

Feeling inspired by the Navarro squad? Grab your pom-poms and visit some thrift stores to find the following items: a skirt, cheer top or tube top, and a big bow for your hair.

And, don’t forget the male athletes on the team. All you’ll need for this consume is a tight pair of black track pants, a sweat-wicking workout shirt (preferably branded with a school name), some sweatbands for your wrists and arms and running shoes.

The Schitts

moira rose costume

Celebrate your favourite Schitt's Creek character with the help of some faux chic thrift store attire.

Are you a big fan of Schitt’s Creek (if not, are you even Canadian)? With 2020 being the Canadian series’ final season, there’s no time like the present to get dressed up as your favourite character.

If you're looking for some Schitt costume advice, we suggest bringing out your inner Moira. The show’s beloved Moira Rose exudes high fashion so, opt for some costume jewelry, large accessories and an outlandish outfit perfect for a runway. Don’t forget to stick to black and white and to add a chic wig in true Moira fashion.

Is David a little more your style? Much like his mother, David Rose has a keen sense of fashion - and opts for a black and white colour palette. If you’re putting together a David Rose costume, check your local thrift stores for patterned sweaters, skirts, and black tights or ripped jeans.

Business on the top

covid employee

Working from home this year? Grab your usual COVID employee outfit and turn it into a fun Halloween costume.

The real focus of this year has been the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Along with this illness came many changes for businesses and employees. One of the biggest - working from home. Why not carry on with what you’ve already become accustomed to and turn your work attire into one of the best 2020 Halloween ideas.

Need some thrift store inspiration to take your costume to the next level? Check your local Goodwill for some business-on-the-top-party-on-the-bottom-esque attire. You’ll need - a formal business top (button-up shirt and suit jacket) and lounge pants or boxers for bottoms. No shoes needed for this one - after all, no one can see your feet on Zoom, right?


ruth bader ginsburg costume

Honor Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this Halloween.

If you’re looking for something a little more meaningful, consider celebrating the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg - a true hero in her time. While matching her contributions to society won’t be easy, putting together a costume to honour her will be. Look for a black robe, a lace collar, large earrings and some eyeglasses to round out the ensemble. If you’re unable to find a lace bib, you can make your own from lace trim found at your local thrift store.

The true heroes of 2020

2020 doctor costume

Celebrate the doctors, nurses and other front line workers that have helped keep us safe this year.

2020 has been one for the books. Doctors, nurses, police officers, paramedics, grocery store clerks and other front line workers have stepped up for us this year. To help celebrate those who have protected us and put their lives on the line to ensure our health and safety, consider going as a front line worker for Halloween this year.

Check out Goodwill's local thrift store for some scrubs, grab your mask and you’ve got a costume!

Whether you’re looking for a classic costume or something a little more extra, thrift stores are the perfect place to find all the pieces you’ll need for these Halloween ideas!

Check out Goodwill’s online thrift store to see what’s in stock. And, using our new online system, purchase gently used, donated clothes & items from the comfort of your own home. Halloween has never been so easy!

Armed with these topical 2020 costume ideas, you’re ready to get shopping. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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