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Publish Date: May 13, 2022

Thrifting Hall of Fame

Thrifting Hall of Fame

On Friday, May 6, Goodwill held the first-ever Thrifting Hall of Fame! With hundreds of entries, it was difficult to narrow it down to just 5 winners. We want to not only celebrate all the nominations but also thank you for submitting photos and stories of why you thrift! There was a great collection of stories and videos that were submitted from thrifters across the province.

Congratulations to all of the jaw-dropping, innovative, and inspirational winners. You all embody #thriftexcellence to the very core!

The Event

The event was held in Edmonton, Alberta at The Creative Hive. When we came across their venue, we knew they were the perfect fit as most of their furniture is thrifted from our Impact Centre down the street! We hosted all winners for a special dinner and awards ceremony to present them with

Goodwill hosted a special dinner and awards ceremony to recognize each winner and share more about our mission of helping Albertans with disabilities find and gain meaningful employment.

Mackenzie and Peter are both Goodwill Career Connection and Opportunity Accelerator graduates. They shared their stories and spoke about how Goodwill helped them obtain employment and volunteer opportunities.

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The Winners

Congratulations to our first class!

Winner Group Photo
Thrifting Hall of Fame 17

DIY of the Year: Charlene Keough

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I started thrifting at a very young age. I grew up in a small town and had limited shopping options. So my sister would take me along to thrift stores with her friends!

My favorite Goodwill find is a pair of open-shelf nightstands. They were very dated and frankly just u-g-l-y but I knew they had so much potential and couldn’t leave them behind.

When thrifting the first thing I look for is furniture. Anything unique, antique, mid-century modern, and in decent shape. I am also always thrifting for “staging” decor for my furniture pieces. I love thrifting for artwork, brass figures, vases, wooden items, and milk glass. 

Winning this award means so much to me. I absolutely love what I do and take such pride in my work so to have that recognized and appreciated feels wonderful. I am very honoured! 

My Thrift Tip:

A thrift tip I have for someone just starting out would be to go early and go often! New things are put out every day and getting there early gives your first opportunity to find all the treasures. 

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Donor of the Year: Doreen Essihos

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I started donating to Goodwill about 20 years ago, but donated a large amount last year. I share this award with my mother, Eva who passed away last year. I donated so many of her belongings, and frequented the donation centre so often I feel like I own a part of Goodwill!

My mother Eva had a lifetime of treasures and there were things that needed a place and a new beginning, and so off to Goodwill they went.

In addition to donating, I am also an avid thrifter. I love to find both useful and unique items, I’m always looking for a good bargain, and combining old with new!

My Thrift Tip:

My thrift tip is to always have an open mind in a thrift shop.

It really is a treasure hunt and I have found many treasures over the years and had some very lucky days. So go once a week!

Home Décor Hero: Heather + Ashleigh Bit

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We love to thrift for the thrill and to find unique treasures. We try as hard as possible not to participate in buying anything new. Our mom, aka thrift queen, started taking us to the thrift store when we were little and introduced us to the magical world of thrifting, and we have been addicted ever since. 

One of our favourite Goodwill finds is our antique Medalta crockpot, it’s beautiful! We mostly love to shop for home goods, as that’s where the magic happens! But we frequently thrift clothing as well!

Our Thrift Tip:

Take your time, be patient, manifest a list of what you would like to find, and go frequently. Some days will be more rewarding than others, but don't give up, keep hunting. 

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Fashionable Finds: Emilie Gagnon

IMG 6619IMG 4569 scaled

I love thrifting because it gets me out of my head and becomes a scavenger hunt for beautiful pieces with history or a unique story. There are no rules when thrifting. I get in flow when I thrift and truly appreciate the full experience - from the sound of the metal hangers on the metal rack to the aisle traffic jams to the discovery of a beautiful 1960s tag I have never seen before. 

Although I did not thrift as a child, in high school, I would go to vintage stores and feel the history. I have always been someone who loves shopping and who loves a deal.

It was only in 2019 that I discovered thrifting through fashion and style podcasts that opened my world up to a more sustainable way of living my dreams. I now only thrift - from decor to my closet, everything is secondhand and thrifted and I feel rejuvenated and relieved by it. 

My Thrift Tip:

Go into the thrift store knowing what kind of prints and/or colours you are looking for! You can train your eye to only look at the pieces that fit within those parameters. Bring a measuring tape and compare to your own measurements. But remember, if the clothes don't fit, it's not your body that is wrong, it is the clothing. 

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Kelton Libich- Vintage Finds

Kelton3 scaled e1652471764701Kelton1

I love thrifting because it’s unique. You get to find items you would not see in a store and I mean it’s a bonus because the prices are lower than retail! I also love that Thrifting helps the environment and reduces waste. 

I got into thrifting honestly by just going to a thrift store one day and I have been hooked ever since! I’m usually in a thrift store 1-3 times a week.

One of my favourite Goodwill finds was a vintage Disney cassette player that was brand new in the box! My personal style is a mix of vintage and trendy, I love a funky graphic tee, especially if it has Spider-Man on it! My style is influenced by lots of vintage trends as-well as bright fun colours.

My thrift Tip: 

As silly as it sounds would be to look around the entire store slowly and not to skip out on any sections… who knows, maybe a treasure has been moved around to an area less looked upon! 

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Honourary Donor of the Year: COLLEGE Hunks Hauling Junk

Leon CollegeHunksCollegeHunks1

College HUNKS, is a proud partner of Goodwill and a contributor to Goodwill’s sustainability initiatives through donations. Last year, Goodwill in received an all-time record of over 830 thousand donations. This is all thanks to the generosity of Albertans.

College Hunks Hauling has partnered with Goodwill to assist donors in the greater Edmonton area who are unable to bring their donations to a Goodwill donation center. Our hauling partner will not only bring your donations to Goodwill, but they will also clear out your items that Goodwill is unable to accept and take them to another nonprofit or recycler. Congratulations on being our honourary Donor of the Year!

Book a pickup and learn more about College Hunks.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of each category!

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