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Publish Date: May 13, 2024

30 Day Spring Declutter

30 Day Spring Declutter 8

Day 1: Clear out and organize the entryway table or console.

Day 2: Declutter shoes and boots; donate or toss worn-out pairs.

Day 3: Tackle the coat closet; donate coats and accessories you no longer need.

Day 4: Organize mail and create a dedicated space for keys.

Day 5: Clean and declutter the doormat area.

30 Day Spring Declutter 9

Day 6: Purge expired items from the pantry and fridge.

Day 7: Declutter kitchen gadgets and utensils.

Day 8: Organize the spice rack; discard old spices.

Day 9: Simplify your Tupperware collection; recycle mismatched pieces.

Day 10: Clean out the junk drawer.

30 Day Spring Declutter 10

Day 11: Declutter socks and underwear drawers.

Day 12: Assess and organize your shoe collection.

Day 13: Evaluate accessories (belts, scarves, hats); donate or toss.

Day 14: Go through your jewelry; keep what you love, donate the rest.

Day 15: Declutter your closet; donate clothes you haven't worn in the last year.

30 Day Spring Declutter 11

Day 16: Clear off coffee tables and end tables.

Day 17: Declutter and organize entertainment units.

Day 18: Simplify bookshelves; donate books you've read or won't read.

Day 19: Assess and organize electronics and charging cables.

Day 20: Declutter and organize the media collection (DVDs, CDs, etc.).

30 Day Spring Declutter 12

Day 21: Purge expired medications and toiletries.

Day 22: Organize under the sink and bathroom cabinets.

Day 23: Declutter the shower/bathtub area; toss empty or old products.

Day 24: Organize towels and linens; donate extras.

Day 25: Clean out the medicine cabinet.

30 Day Spring Declutter 13

Day 26: Declutter home office/desk area.

Day 27: Organize the laundry room; discard empty containers.

Day 28: Declutter and organize kids' toys and play areas.

Day 29: Evaluate and organize outdoor spaces (patio, garden tools, etc.).

Day 30: Conduct a final walkthrough of your home, addressing any areas you may have missed.

30 Day Spring Declutter 14

You might be asking yourself, now that I've decluttered my home, what do I do with it all? Here is a handy guide on what and where to donate to Goodwill.

If you are unsure of what to do with items that are not able to be donated check your local waste management website:
Grande Prairie

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