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Publish Date: May 29, 2018

7 Awesome Cleaning Blogs to Maximize Your Spring Cleaning & Donations

Finally, it’s spring! Time to do your spring cleaning and reduce the clutter accumulated over the long winter. Now is the best time to donate your gently used clothing and household goods to your neighborhood Goodwill store.

In the spirit of the deep cleaning most people try to do every spring, here are 7 of the best cleaning blogs. Get ideas and tips for cleaning your home, and learn how to clean and declutter like the experts.

And don’t forget to donate all your cleared out clutter items to Goodwill.

1. Ask Anna

Anna is a home cleaning expert who is also a busy mom of 2 kids. She answers all those pesky cleaning questions you have but haven’t found the answer for. Look for a variety of tutorials on cleaning, organizing, and decorating. Anna also has helpful tips for keeping a green home.
Goodwill variety of tutorials on cleaning, organizing, and decorating

2. A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl Full of Lemons is Toni’s home cleaning blog that has grown exponentially into a must-read forum on cleaning on a budget. Get her unique 7-step method for keeping your house clean and look for a detailed post on how to keep your freezer organized. This is the blog to read for anyone on a budget.

3. A Slob Comes Clean

Interesting title notwithstanding, this blog is for those of us who feel there might be hope after all for our own homes. To declutter and clean any home, read a Slob Comes Clean to learn cleaning and organizing tips. Prized as "a safe place for others to know they are not alone in their housekeeping struggles," you get great advice with a dash of humor.

4. IHeartOrganizing

Jen, a stay-at-home mom in the USA, shares her amazing tips for organizing the clutter in the home. If you’re looking to declutter, read iHeartOrganizing for monthly cleaning plans and organizing tips like making your own storage boxes. You’ll love the product reviews and advice and solutions for daily home cleaning and management.

5. Clean Mama

This is Becky’s blog, and she’s a cleaning expert with the best cleaning routine on the internet. She has printable calendars so you can get organized and even an amazing method for getting the kids involved in household chores. Look for practical cleaning and organizing solutions that help you save time and money.

6. TidyMom

Cheryl is the first to tell you she is a neat freak who started a blog to help you control the chaos of everyday life. Mother of a teenager, Cheryl advises you how to have a tidy, highly functional home. She offers awesome product reviews on the best house cleaning products and how to keep a green home extra clean.

7. One Good Thing

Jillee’s blog offers creative cleaning solutions to help you find innovative ways to make your house sparkling clean. If you’re interested in DIY cleaning solutions and how to make your own cleaning products, this is the blog for you.

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