Calgary- Carol Rousch has been working for the Goodwill Chinook store in Calgary for more than a year. “I like saying hi to everybody in the morning and seeing all the clothes,” said Carol about working at Goodwill.

Carol said she spent many years unemployed but she is glad she has a job now. “I like getting out of the house and talking with my co-workers and the occasional customer,” said Carol.

Carol came to Goodwill through Columbia College. She went through the employment preparation program at the college. Carol got her work experience training at Goodwill McLeod Trail store as part of  Goodwill’s partnership with Columbia College and then she got her job at Goodwill Chinook store.

Carol’s message during Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) is for Calgary Employers to give Calgarians with disabilities a chance to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

“Potential employers should at least give people with disability a try because a lot of the people have good skills and you don’t know unless you let them try, so give them a try,” said Carol. “We can still do certain things and a lot of things, everybody does so good here at Goodwill,” she added.

Carol with Cheryl Bernard

Carol talked to Olympian and Goodwill Ambassador Cheryl Bernard, as part of Goodwill’s “I Am Able to Work” campaign that marks DEAM. Watch the video interview here.