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The Goodwill Grandma
Elly Grosenick

Elly’s thrifting started when she was a very young single girl trying to find fashionable outfits that cost far less than the prices at retail stores.
When she married, she continued to thrift for clothing but also for housewares as well as sporting goods and toys. Her family learned the value of thrifting.

Their lifestyle involved a number of moves to different locations for employment which meant that every time they moved, they had to first donate many items to thrift, and then they had the opportunity to find new and interesting “finds” for their new house.

Unfortunately, Elly had a stroke in July of 2022. In January of 2023, she made the decision to move into an Independent Living Retirement Community. Again, downsizing was necessary as moving from a house to an apartment was a huge adjustment. Elly made many trips to Goodwill on Macleod Trail to donate, sometimes two trips per day.

She has spent the last months shopping for new décor items for my new residence and still donates any items to Goodwill that are replaced or no longer used.
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