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Publish Date: June 15, 2018

What's the Coolest Thing You've Ever Found in a Thrift Store in Edmonton?

Some people think thrift stores are just another place like flea markets and yard sales to find someone else’s junk. While it’s true that a thrift store is home for things that others no longer want, you can find some amazing treasures in a thrift store in Edmonton.

Here are some of the coolest finds discovered by others in thrift stores.

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Best Finds

  • Signed books. Imagine finding a signed copy by Ernest Hemingway of The Old Man and The Sea. Or perhaps you find a signed copy of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.
  • The perfect wedding dress. Consider how for some a wedding dress may be a painful memory. Donating it to a thrift store in Edmonton can offer someone else a chance to make better, happier memories for a lot less cash than a bridal boutique charges.
  • The best Halloween costume. Again, for pennies on the dollar, you and your partner can find the best Halloween costume in a thrift store. You can find a flashy suit, a flapper dress, and the accessories to make the outfits come alive.
  • Paintings. Beyond finding some amazing paintings in thrift stores, some people find oils that look unsettling similar to themselves. Maybe a relative?
  • Unique dress for a dance. Why buy a dress off the racks and potentially show up in the same dress as someone else? A thrift store has unique dresses you can’t find anywhere else.

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Best return on investment

  • $34,994. An American man bought a watch for $6 at Goodwill. When he found out it was a 1959 LaCoultre Deep Sea Alarm, he sold it on Ebay for $35,000.
  • $60,396. An Australian gentleman bought a "libation cup" for $4 that turned out to be a traditional Chinese artifact made from rhino horn. He sold it for $60,400.
  • $34,375. A woman in the US bought a painting from Goodwill and later discovered it was created by Ilya Bolotowsky. She sold it later at auction for $34,375.
  • $267,750. A woman found a necklace she later discovered was by a famous sculptor. She sold it for $267,750.
  • $470,650. A man in the US found a copy of the Declaration of Independence that he later sold for $470,650.
  • $163,000. A watch worn by James Bond in Thunderball was purchased in a thrift store and later sold for $163,000.
  • $43,019. An American man found a West Point sweater he bought for less than a dollar in a thrift store. He later discovered it was Vince Lombardi’s and sold it for $43,020.
  • $2.4 million. Another copy of the Declaration of Independence was found in a thrift store for $4. It was later sold for $2.4 million.
  • $189,997. An antique dealer found a painting from the 1600’s that he purchased for $3 and later auctioned for $190,000.
  • $6,986. A man found a poster signed by Picasso for a 1958 exhibition of ceramic Picasso sculptures he bought for $14. He later sold it for $7,000.
  • $1.2 million. An American man found a painting in a thrift store for $30 that he wanted to hang over a hole in his wall. He discovered it was by a very famous still-life painter and was eventually sold for $1.2 million.

Finally, it seems many people have a story about buying a purse, wallet, suitcase, or a bag from a thrift store—only to find a hidden pocket filled with cash.

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