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Publish Date: November 2, 2020

Got Forks? How to make a life sized polar bear using thrifted utensils

What do 16,000 forks (and counting), Goodwill, and a polar bear have in common? They are all key aspects of Edmonton artist Dave McAuley’s silverware artwork and sculptures. Dave has been using thrifted and recycled silverware found at Goodwill stores to create a large, metal polar bear statue.


Optimized polar bear sculpture

Photo Courtesy of Dave McAuley


The statute has been a labour of love and passion project for the welder, who was inspired to create the polar bear after “something lit up in my head”. Beginning the project last spring, the first forms of the design began with a steel cup used for the bear’s nose. In total, he estimates that more than 600 hours or the equivalent of 25 (full 24 hours days) have been lovingly invested into the sculpture.


Optimized dave 1

Photo Courtesy of Dave McAuley


Dave is often known as the “silverware guy” to Edmonton area Goodwill stores and is only 4,000 pieces of silverware away from completing his sculpture.  Since the polar bear is a female, her cub is next up to create. Should Dave end up at a fork in the road (pun intended) in completing this project, we have him covered at Goodwill – as we’ll be looking and collecting silverware and eagerly awaiting his final sculpture!


Optimized dave 2

Photo Courtesy of Dave McAuley


Check out Dave’s thrifted utensil sculpture below:

For additional media coverage please see:

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