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Publish Date: January 24, 2020

Making a Positive Impact

The Amazing Edmonton Impact Centre and Outlet Store

Since 2017, the Goodwill Impact Centre and Outlet Store has gone from 14 employees to over 50 — and with that growth comes a greener province.

CBC Edmonton Story

“This is the amazing Edmonton Impact Centre and it’s a one of a kind in Western Canada… It basically just gives items an opportunity at a second chance at a new home,” manager of marketing Doug Roxburgh said.

Instead of seeing thousands of unpurchased items end up in the dump, a great effort is put forward to restore them.

“We initiated the sustainability action plan where we take T-shirts [and] towels and we upcycle them into cleaning cloths. We take broken furniture and upcycle them and repurpose them, refurbish them to amazing pieces you can take home and use in your kitchen, in your house, in your living room,” Roxburgh said.

Global Edmonton Story

global 1

It’s an initiative that has resonated with customers and has created a unique thrift experience.

Where shoppers see affordable shoes, furniture and household items, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Alberta Dale Monaghan, sees a "dream and vision for a centre of excellence."

"We're offering sustainability, environmental stewardship and unprecedented job training for Albertans with disabilities," says Monaghan.

Our Edmonton 11

Thirty per cent of Goodwill Alberta's 800 workers report having some form of disability.

Sustainability Action Plan

Goodwill Alberta is setting records at all levels and is eyeing expansion into Calgary, hoping to add an impact centre within two years. The dream of bringing a facility like this to Calgary has happened because of the amazing success in Edmonton.

For three decades the Alberta Emerald Foundation has been recognizing green initiatives and executive director Gregory Caswell believes the Edmonton Impact Centre has raised the bar for environmental practices in the industry.


Mortimer Capriles, Director of Sustainability and innovation for Goodwill Alberta, loves to see shoppers coming through the doors.

"When you buy here, you're automatically diverting these items from the landfill and that is why this is such a great concept that we have in place in Edmonton."

But if the bargain hunters don't snap the items up, Capriles points to the centre's robust recycle, reuse, repurpose operation.

"Ninety per cent of the items we receive at the Impact Centre are being diverted from the landfill and we're really proud of that fact," he said.

A Unique Thrifting Experience

Items are put out every 25 minutes, and products that go unsold will go into Goodwill's Sustainability Action Plan — a cycle of recycling Goodwill hopes will have a positive impact for Edmontonians and the environment.

Almost everything at the centre is sold by weight with a pound costing a $1.95 up to 50 pounds with the price getting cheaper with the more you buy.

Pound Sign 2

The Goodwill Impact Centre and Outlet Store is located 11415 168 St. N.W.

Excerpts are taken from Global Edmonton and CBC Edmonton.

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