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Publish Date: October 18, 2016

One-of-a-kind Costume Ideas

At Goodwill, you can find the pieces to make a one-of-a-kind costume.

Whether you have a costume in mind or you have no idea what to be for Halloween, Goodwill has you covered. Browse the aisles of clothing and unleash your creativity with accessories from Goodwill to complete your unique look. Shopping at Goodwill is fun and helps the community. Your Goodwill purchase helps fund our Power of Work for people with disabilities looking for employment.

Here are some DIY costume ideas to get you started!

  • The corporate warrior: Emails, meetings and corporate synergies have nothing on the corporate warrior! Have fun at your office Halloween party by dressing up as the one who conquers work-life balance!
  • Mother Nature: Save money AND be sustainable, just like Mother Nature would want!
  • Lumberjack: You don’t have to be brawny to be a Lumberjack.
  • Straight out of the 80s!: Goodwill is never gonna let you down or make you cry. Create the raddest 80s costume around!


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