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Publish Date: June 10, 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Donate Clothes to Thrift Stores Like Goodwill

When you donate clothes to thrift stores in Alberta, like Goodwill, many good things come from it. One of the most immediate benefits is the satisfaction experienced from helping others. There’s no doubt - it feels good to help others! But, did you know that several studies have found that giving back actually improves your health, happiness and well-being?

Personal benefits aside, there are many great reasons to donate. Here are the top 5 reasons to donate clothes to thrift stores like Goodwill.

Why Donate Clothes to Thrift Stores?

1. Sustainability

One of the biggest reasons to donate your gently used goods is to help keep clothing and other household items out of the landfill.

When you donate to thrift stores like Goodwill, you are helping to divert millions of kilograms of waste from the landfill each year. For example, in 2019 alone, Albertans who donated to Goodwill Industries helped to divert nearly 16 million kilograms of waste.

Not only are you preventing your old clothes from reaching the garbage dump when you donate, but you’re also helping to create a more sustainable future by decreasing the amount of new clothing that is manufactured.

It takes a lot of energy to manufacture new clothes, including water and electricity. The packaging and distribution of new clothing come at a huge cost to the environment as well. So, by donating to and buying from thrift stores, you can help contribute to a sustainable planet in more ways than one. Reducing your environmental footprint has never felt so good!

garbage dump waste

2. Options for Others

When you donate clothes to thrift stores, you are also helping others.

By donating your clothing and household items, you are providing affordable alternatives to the often overpriced goods found in retail stores. Helping to stock Goodwill locations with your gently-used, quality clothing, means that individuals in your community will have access to second-hand items at a fraction of the price.

women thrift shopping

3. Clutter-Free Home

Tired of the clutter that your unused clothes create in your closet?

This is another great benefit of donating! By donating your unwanted clothes to the thrift store, you’ll be doing yourself a favour and cleaning out your closet. It’s a win-win - you can help others in your community while also creating a decluttered and stress-free space in your home.

wardrobe closet

Why Donate Clothes to Goodwill Thrift Stores?

As we continue to explore the reasons to donate clothes to thrift stores, let’s take a look at why donating to Goodwill is such a great option for those living in Alberta.

4. Power of Work

goodwill employee 877x1024 1

Meaningful employment is a powerful thing. While many of us take this for granted, others in our community do not always have an easy time finding the meaningful employment that they deserve. Goodwill is here to change that.

Goodwill Alberta employs people with physical and mental disabilities. The organization is one of the largest employers for people with disabilities in the province.

Goodwill provides meaningful employment at thrift store locations throughout Alberta. The social enterprise offers a flexible and accommodating environment so that individuals can thrive at work. In addition to providing employment, job training and career services within the Goodwill Alberta organization, Goodwill is also able to help individuals benefit from these opportunities within other companies.

Therefore, by donating clothes to Goodwill thrift stores, you are helping individuals in your community find the meaningful employment they desire.

Here are a few stats that show just how your donated items are put to work.

  • 1 donated t-shirt = 6 minutes of Interview Skills Training
  • 10 donated t-shirts = 1 Job Interview

4. Supporting Your Community

Best of all, when you donate clothes to thrift stores like Goodwill, you are supporting your local community.

89% of all Goodwill revenues go back into this mission of helping local individuals find meaningful employment. This means that revenues remain in Alberta to help local residents. The money is used to help with job training, placement programs and other social and environmental initiatives.

Goodwill also creates partnerships with other local organizations in Alberta. The goal of these partnerships is to help collectively address environmental and social issues. For example, Goodwill has partnered with ATB Financial. In addition to diverting waste from the landfill and providing employment for Albertans with disabilities, Goodwill, together with ATB Financial, will launch a furniture refurbishment program. This program will help divert even more waste and create more jobs in the community.

Therefore, by supporting Goodwill through your donations, you are supporting a better tomorrow for your community and the individuals and organizations within it.

Looking to donate clothes to thrift stores in your local community?

Goodwill has thrift stores and donation centers throughout Alberta. To donate your clothes and other household items, locate the nearest Goodwill Alberta Donation Center using our online locator.

Not only will you be doing good for the environment, but you’ll be helping others in your local community.

See you soon!

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