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Publish Date: August 31, 2021

Welcome to 9655 Macleod Trail SW - Goodwill’s Newest Calgary Thrift Store

Goodwill is excited to welcome you to 9655 Macleod Trail SW, our newest Calgary location! Our new Goodwill Plaza Thrift Store has now officially replaced the old Willow Park Macleod Trail store.

The Goodwill Plaza Grand Opening took place on Saturday, July 17, 2021. It was a celebration for the books! With a store full of new items and fun surprises at every turn, our staff and customers had a great time.

Missed our grand opening? Check it out here

New Thrift Store, New Address

You can find our new Goodwill Plaza Thrift Store at:

9655 Macleod Trail SW Calgary, AB T2J 0P6

This thrift store replaces the well-known home furniture store The Brick. Formerly known as the Brick Plaza, 9655 Macleod Trail SW is now Goodwill Plaza!

Goodwill Plaza at 9655 Macleod Trail SW
Welcome to 9655 Macleod Trail SW - Goodwill’s Newest Calgary Thrift Store 9

This beautiful new store offers plenty of space, both inside and out (think - easy parking). While our previous Willow Park Macleod Trail store was only 5,000 square feet, the new Macleod Trail SW location offers 15,000 square feet. That’s 3 times more space for our employees and customers to enjoy!

Interior of Men's clothing at 9655 Macleod Trail SW Goodwill
Welcome to 9655 Macleod Trail SW - Goodwill’s Newest Calgary Thrift Store 10

9655 Macleod Trail SW - Bigger and Better

In addition to being our newest store, the Goodwill Plaza Thrift Store is also our largest thrift store location in Calgary!

Goodwill has been in the Macleod Trail area for more than 20 years. During this time, we’ve found that not only do we receive a huge number of donations in this area, but these donations are some of the highest quality in all of Alberta!

Donation Centre at Goodwill Calgary Macleod Trail
Welcome to 9655 Macleod Trail SW - Goodwill’s Newest Calgary Thrift Store 11

Now, with our new location at 9655 Macleod Trail SW, we have the space to process all of these wonderful donations. Better yet, there’s enough room in the store to showcase everything for you to enjoy! From quality shoes and clothing to furniture and home decor, there’s truly something for everyone at the new Goodwill Plaza.

Goodwill Plaza furniture display
Looking for furniture? Come check out the high-quality household items and decor at our Calgary Macleod Trail thrift store.
Goodwill Macleod Trail offers quality used clothing, shoes and accessories
There's something for everyone at 9655 Macleod Trail SW.
Men's clothing at 9655 Macleod Trail SW Goodwill
Check out the huge selection of men's clothing at our Goodwill Plaza Thrift Store.

But, our favourite part about this huge new thrift store and donation centre - with so much space, we’ll be able to assist even more Albertans with disabilities in finding meaningful employment.

The New Look and Feel at 9655 Macleod Trail SW

When you visit our new Calgary Macleod Trail thrift store, you’ll notice it looks a little different than our usual stores.

This new and updated location has a boutique look and feel, with plenty of space to showcase the high-quality donations you bring in. Plus, in our commitment to environmental sustainability, this new store is outfitted with eco-friendly LED lights to help us reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint!

Books and home decor at Goodwill Macleod Trail in Calgary
Welcome to 9655 Macleod Trail SW - Goodwill’s Newest Calgary Thrift Store 12

Best of all, the wonderful staff from our old Macleod Trail store have transitioned to this new location - meaning you’ll have the same great experience every time you come in.

Amazing staff at Goodwill Plaza Thrift Store
Welcome to 9655 Macleod Trail SW - Goodwill’s Newest Calgary Thrift Store 13

Come See What We Have in Store at 9655 Macleod Trail SW

Our team has worked (and continues to work) extremely hard to bring you an amazing new thrift store experience in Calgary. Our shelves and racks are fully stocked and ready for you!

Come in and see what our new Goodwill Plaza location has to offer!

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