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Behind The Scenes of The Goodwill Pop-Up

2019-08-20T15:38:40-06:00August 20th, 2019|Fashion, Featured, Good Deals, Stories|

One of my favorite things about summer is shopping up and down a bustling market strip. By bringing together artists, cooks, and farmers, summer markets are a Mecca for all things local. Even on days when nothing at the market has that “I must bring you home with me” attraction; it’s always nice to sit [...]

The Goodwill Pop-Up Shop Experience

2019-07-24T09:21:51-06:00July 24th, 2019|Fashion, Featured, Good Deals, Stories|

You are scrolling through Instagram and Goodwill posts a photo about a pop-up shop in your area. The intrigue sets in. You’ve been to the Goodwill stores before but this Goodwill Pop-Up Shop is something new, something different. Something you have never been to. Your cheeks begin to swell as your lips and mouth begin [...]

The Organizing Objective

2019-05-01T15:55:34-06:00May 1st, 2019|DIY, Fashion, Stories|

If you watched my April 11, 2019 VLOG for Goodwill Industries of Alberta (click here to view!) you were introduced to three snippets of sage suggestion to help you start your organizing journey. While getting organized is a great first step, staying organized is your ultimate objective. Understanding the WHY your home, office or life [...]

The Clutter Conundrum

2019-03-28T15:29:58-06:00March 28th, 2019|DIY, Fashion, Stories|

Clut.ter | verb: to run in disorder; to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movements or reduce effectiveness. Clut.ter | noun: a crowded or confused mass or collection; things that clutter a place. Remember that one kid in school, the one who was always certain they had failed the test, only [...]

Marion’s 10 Goodwill Thrifting Tips

2019-04-09T13:06:54-06:00September 20th, 2018|Fashion, Featured, Home and Style|

Hi, I’m Marion and I’ve loved thrifting since I was 10 years old and moving here to Calgary was really great for this (we don’t have so many second-hand shops in France, especially in Aix en Provence – most of them are ”vintage shops”). So when Goodwill Alberta proposed I do an Instagram Takeover [...]

7 Awesome Cleaning Blogs to Maximize Your Spring Cleaning & Donations

2019-07-04T05:40:53-06:00May 29th, 2018|DIY, Events, Fashion, Get Involved, Home and Style|

Finally, it’s spring! Time to do your spring cleaning and reduce the clutter accumulated over the long winter. Now is the best time to donate your gently used clothing and household goods to your neighborhood Goodwill store. In the spirit of the deep cleaning most people try to do every spring, here are 7 of [...]


2018-04-19T11:54:36-06:00April 19th, 2018|Events, Fashion, Featured, Fundraising & Donations, Get Involved, Home and Style, News Category Archive|

Spring is the season for new beginnings, for transition, for rejuvenation. Mentally, there is something that happens to us as the weather gets warmer and we shirk off the baggage of winter. In a practical sense, that can be putting the snow boots away and bringing out the flip flops. For many, it means spring [...]

Are Your Old Clothes Someone’s Bright Future?

2018-04-11T11:12:09-06:00March 28th, 2018|Fashion, Fundraising & Donations, Get Involved|

What do you do with your family’s old, outgrown clothes or those they don’t wear anymore? Have you considered donating them to Goodwill Alberta? You’ll find many good reasons to donate. In particular, this post will show you how your old clothes are someone’s bright future. Here are two ways your old clothes can change [...]

5 Reasons Every Fashion Lover Needs to Go Thrift Shopping

2018-03-23T15:08:13-06:00March 9th, 2018|Fashion, Good Deals|

If you’ve never been thrifting, you’re missing out on some amazing finds at rock-bottom prices. What you may not know is that people from all walks of life donate clothes and household items to thrift stores—including wealthy individuals with expensive, designer clothing and other goods. You can wear almost-new, designer brand-name label clothing for a [...]

How to Rock the 80s Look

2019-02-08T15:13:21-06:00October 8th, 2017|Fashion, Halloween, News Category Archive|

Goodwill Halloween Tips If you decided to go with the 80s look for Halloween you can find what you need at a Goodwill store near you. Nothing says 80s more than jean, leather, animal prints, fishnet tights, leg warmers, and finger-less gloves, so start looking through the Goodwill racks to put together your 80s outfit. [...]

Grande Prairie Couple go on ‘Goodwill Date Night’

2017-08-22T11:41:39-06:00August 21st, 2017|Fashion, Featured, News Category Archive|

Grande Prairie - Lea Patterson came across a story posted on Facebook about a US couple who bought unconventional outfits for less than $10 each from a Goodwill store and then went on a ‘Goodwill date night’. Patterson instantly tagged her husband Marvin Castillo suggesting going on their own Goodwill date night in Grande Prairie. [...]

Getting Organized!

2018-03-22T10:35:08-06:00May 5th, 2017|Fashion, Featured, News Category Archive|

Getting Organized— As Easy as A-B-C…and D When spring cleaning, you may be taking the opportunity to streamline your accumulation of housewares, clothing, shoes and books. How do you decide what goes and what stays? Getting organized is all about decisions. My definition of clutter is “delayed decisions and delayed actions.” Everything you see sitting [...]