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Publish Date: September 1, 2020

Goodwill Pop-Up Shop 2020

The summer of 2020 has been...different. Rules and restrictions are in place for mass gatherings, social distancing measures are instituted to ensure disease isn't transmitted easily, while there is hand sanitizer on every corner. This will be a story our children and our children's children will hear for ages, on how the world changed. Street markets across Alberta had to shift priorities and Goodwill had to pause and reflect to assess how we could build on the success of 2019, with our Goodwill Pop-Up Shop.

Well, we found a way! While we didn't participate in as may markets this year, we partnered with two street markets in Edmonton late in August, bringing the best of the Goodwill finds directly to you.

On Saturday August 22nd, we set up on 104th Street in Edmonton for the Al Fresco on 4th market. This market is a way for people to discover the new, vibrant outdoor market filled with extended patios, various food trucks, and retail vendors for the family to enjoy in the sun.

Liam 4

It was here, where we introduced new and upcycled Goodwill items, that many people have never seen before. These included our upcycled tea-cup candles, cleaning cloths and a brand new table top that was repaired at Goodwill in our Repair for Good program. The day was a hit, where our staff fielded many questions to our garments, to these amazing items we have been able to keep out of the landfill.

POS Tea Cups Story

From 104th Street, we made our way West to the 124th Grand Market on 124th Street. The sun was shining, music was playing and people were out enjoying the late afternoon. We were ready to showcase some high-end unique donations that were ready to generate revenue for our mission of helping people with disabilities to find and gain meaningful employment. This market serves the community with quality, locally farmed and focused products, supporting growth of burgeoning businesses and entrepreneurs. We are proud to showcase the locally donated items that can be turned into new fixtures for your home.


While this was a small step compared to the year prior, 2021 will be full steam ahead, as we look to participate in more markets, supporting emerging business leaders, our local community and most of all our mission.

Courtesy of Doug Roxburgh

Goodwill Industries of Alberta Contributor

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