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Publish Date: August 2, 2023

Shopping Tax Free Since 1963

As a Non-Profit, social enterprise, Goodwill has been making an impact in Alberta fir 60 years. When you shop or donate at Goodwill, GOOD things happen:

  • You create employment opportunities for those with disabilities, giving people a purpose through the power of work.
  • You successfully divert items from the landfill giving regular household items, clothes or otherwise, a second chance at a new life, a new beginning.
  • Finally (and here's the most important factor when it comes to YOUR wallet), you DO NOT pay any GST on used items!

That's right, when you shop at Goodwill, our store is GST-FREE and has been since 1963!

Who doesn't love the thrill of finding hidden treasures while shopping on a budget?

Grandpa shopping and saving tax

What is Tax-Free Shopping at Goodwill?

Unlike traditional retail stores, Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that operates on a mission to provide employment opportunities and vocational services to individuals with barriers to employment. As a result of its charitable status, Goodwill stores are exempt from charging sales tax on most of the items they sell.

Benefits of Shopping Tax Free at Goodwill

  1. Save Money: Shopping tax-free at Goodwill means you don't have to worry about paying additional tax, allowing you to stretch your budget further and find even more amazing deals.
  2. Unique Finds: Goodwill stores receive a constant influx of donations from the community, making each visit an exciting treasure hunt. You're likely to stumble upon one-of-a-kind items that you won't find anywhere else.
  3. Support a Good Cause: By shopping at Goodwill, you directly contribute to their mission of helping people with disabilities or barriers in your community find jobs and develop valuable work skills. Your purchases make a positive impact on people's lives.
shop tax free at Goodwill

Tips for Tax-Free Shopping at Goodwill

  1. Shop Smartly: Goodwill retail stores receive new items daily, so frequent visits can yield different finds. Keep an open mind and be patient while browsing through the store's various sections.
  2. Bring a Donation: One way to give back to the community is by bringing items to donate when you shop.
  3. Join Rewards Programs: Goodwill offers rewards programs or loyalty cards. Signing up can provide you with exclusive discounts and early access to sales, maximizing your savings potential.
  4. Focus on Quality: While Goodwill offers low prices, it's essential to focus on the quality of the items you purchase. Check for any defects or damage to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

Shopping tax-free at Goodwill is an excellent way to find budget-friendly treasures while supporting a charitable cause. With unique finds, no sales tax, and the chance to positively impact your community, it's no wonder why Goodwill has become a go-to destination for thrifty shoppers. So, head to your local Goodwill store, armed with these tips, and embark on a tax-free shopping adventure that will both delight and give back to those in need. Happy shopping!

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