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Publish Date: September 28, 2020


Goodwill Industries of Alberta has first handily seen the impact of inclusive employment, the power of a job and the dignity of a job on the lives of Albertans with disabilities. Our Career Connections Team, supports people with disabilities in locating employment or volunteer opportunities in their communities. Individuals are assisted with identifying their employment goals, employment preparation, job search and employment coaching.

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As one of Alberta’s largest employers of people with disabilities, Goodwill is proud to be a supporter of DEAM and its month-long activities throughout Alberta.  Taking place each October nationally and provincially, Disability Employment Awareness Month or simply known as DEAM, is a campaign and event that works to promote inclusion within the job market for people with disabilities. DEAM raises awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities while celebrating the impact and contributions of these workers.

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There are many opportunities to participate and celebrate DEAM! Due to COVID restrictions, many events listed below are being offered virtually – and anyone can attend. Check out the opportunities in your area:


Friday October 2nd: Calgary DEAM Kickoff/Proclamation – Online Option Available (info to be posted on website)

Tuesday October 6th: DEAM Calgary Employer and Self Advocate Panel @ Prairie Dog Brewery 2:00-3:00 pm – LIVE Stream link found here

Tuesday October 13th: MentorAbility Industry Information Session, Careers in Animal Care 1:00 - 2:00pm – Link available here


Thursday October 1st: Edmonton “Bringing DEAM together during COVID-19” virtual kick off – LIVE Stream found here

Tuesday October 13th: MentorAbility Industry Information Session, Careers in Animal Care 1:00 - 2:00pm

Tuesday October 20th: DEAM Business Champions Network Panel discussion 1:00 -2:15 pm

Tuesday October 27th: Mentorability virtual session 9-10 am, Celebrating DEAM and National Mentoring Day

For more information on Calgary’s DEAM Celebrations, please visit:

For more information on Edmonton’s DEAM Celebrations, please visit:

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