When you shop or donate at Goodwill, GOOD things happen. You create employment opportunities for those with disabilities, giving people a purpose through the power of work. You successfully divert items from the landfill giving regular household items, clothes or otherwise, a second chance at a new life, a new beginning. Finally (and here’s the most important factor when it comes to YOUR wallet), you DO NOT pay any GST on used items!

That’s right, when you shop at Goodwill, our store is GST-FREE and has been since 1963!

As a not-for-profit, we have to disclose our finances every year and any profit that we may make MUST go back into our organization and help those with disabilities find and gain meaningful employment. This also means that as a shopper, when you support a not-for-profit, you do not have to pay the GST!

We want to ensure, that when you are the hunt for that one special outfit, for that one special moment, that you should remember, the price shown is the price. There is no hidden agenda, no hidden fees, no hidden taxes. Keep an eye out for any special tag sale as well, because if you see something on sale for 50% off, THERE IS STILL NO TAX!

So think about this when you decide to visit your nearest thrift store. Your money is going to GOOD…and you’re saving at the same time.

Do your part and do what’s best for you and your community. Shop at Goodwill.