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Publish Date: April 19, 2018


Spring is the season for new beginnings, for transition, for rejuvenation. Mentally, there is something that happens to us as the weather gets warmer and we shirk off the baggage of winter. In a practical sense, that can be putting the snow boots away and bringing out the flip flops. For many, it means spring cleaning!

Here at Goodwill Alberta, we are calling on Albertans to join our spring cleaning #GoodwillChallenge. Throughout nine weeks, we will systematically help you clear out your house, room by room, so you have the space to embrace the new season.

The rules are simple:

  1. We’ll clear out one room together each week
  2. For nine weeks
  3. You have to donate 10 items you no longer want, need or use from each room
  4. We challenge you to invite 10 friends to join you in the #GoodwillChallenge
  5. Finally, upload a photo of your items as you’re spring cleaning or dropping them off at a Goodwill Alberta donation centre using the hashtag #GoodwillChallenge

Not convinced?
Here are just a few of the reasons you should join the #GoodwillChallenge:

  1. Declutter your home clean up cleaning GIF by Bubble Witch downsized
  2. Make space for more #GoodwillFinds thrift shop shopping GIF downsized
  3. Say ‘bye’ and give your preloved things a chance to be loved again good bye GIF downsized
  4. A fun family activity eveningthis GIF downsized
  5. Help Albertans with disabilities find employment usain bolt applause GIF by PUMA downsized
  6. Simplify your life and relax relaxing om nom GIF downsized
  7. Contribute towards your local community happy the office GIF downsized
  8. An opportunity to reorganise rooms Monica Geller GIF downsized
  9. Get active - cleaning burns calories! sweeping mrs. doubtfire GIF by Hollywood Suite downsized
  10. Re-discover forgotten treasures oh my god wow GIF downsized
  11. Get ready for summer - clear house, clear mind hot summer GIF downsized

Join in with the challenge by following the hashtag #GoodwillChallenge on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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