We’ve got your Halloween costume sorted at Goodwill Alberta. If you need a quick solution, we have ready-to-wear outfits and accessories for your convenience, but where’s the fun in that! October 31st is the chance to get crafty and creative. We’ve produced a Halloween Look Book available at all our stores to guide you in your DIY endeavors. 

Take inspiration from eras gone by with these easy to build retro costume ideas.

1920s Glamour

The 1920s Flapper Girl is synonymous with fun and frivolity. Choosing this as your Halloween costume is the perfect opportunity to get glamourous. You can achieve this look by finding a knee-length evening dress, some long evening gloves and adding some strings of pearls. A feather boa or a home-made feather headdress will be the last thing you need to get ready for the Charleston.

Slave To The Rhythm

Always wanted to be able to breakdance, but don’t have the moves? This Halloween, you can still channel your inner breakdancer by heading back to the 80s origins. Find a windbreaker, sports jacket or oversized an denim jacket. Complete the look with accessories like a hat or some chains. Last but not least: no break dancer is complete without their boom box!

Industrial Victorian

Steampunk is inspired by the Victorian era. Think Victorian fashion mixed with aviation and industrial influences. Start off with a basic long skirt, long leather boots, ruffled skirts, and structured jackets. Then you can go wild with accessories from goggles and hats to canes and lace.

Video game Nostalgia

Did you have a favourite video game character as a kid? Relive your childhood as Mario and Luigi with this super simple costume idea. All you need are overalls plus red and green tees with matching hats. No one will need to guess who you came to the party as. Don’t forget to stick on a mustache (or grow one!).


Find more inspiration for your Halloween Goodwill costume shopping in our Halloween Look Book, available to download and in all our stores. Share your costumes using the hashtag #GoodwillHalloween.