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Publish Date: October 5, 2018

Halloween Look Book: Inspired by the Big Screen

Halloween Look Book: Inspired by the Big Screen

We've got your Halloween costume sorted at Goodwill Alberta. If you need a quick solution, we have ready-to-wear outfits and accessories for your convenience, but where's the fun in that! October 31st is the chance to get crafty and creative. We've produced a Halloween Look Book available at all our stores to guide you in your DIY endeavors. 

Be inspired by the big screen with these easy to build costume ideas from your favourite films and TV shows. 

Join The Gang

Cult 80s classic, The Breakfast Club is as popular today as it ever was. Grab your friends, assign everyone a character and then head to your nearest Goodwill to search for your 80s attire. Are you going to be Molly Ringwald's character, Claire? Look for white sneakers, chinos, and a pink shirt. Maybe you'd rather be the rebel of the group? Look for an oversized denim jacket, a red plaid shirt and, of course, some sunglasses for ultimate attitude! 

Screen Shot 2018 09 07 at 15.24.28 400x530 1

May The Force Be With You

With the Star Wars franchise growing each year, there are more and more characters for you to dress up as. This idea is perfect for getting the kids involved! To reinvent yourself as the heroine, Rey, look for boots, belts, and linen to layer over a basic t-shirt and leggings. For other characters, you can find or create key items from their wardrobe to ensure you are unmistakably from a galaxy far, far away. Think old curtains for a cape, an oversized white shirt for layering with a belt or the iconic Hans Solo down zip vest.

Screen Shot 2018 09 07 at 15.18.42 400x532 1

Grease Lightning

The characters from Grease's Rydell High are timeless favourites for Halloween costumes. Become a T-Bird in minutes by hunting for a leather jacket, dark jeans and a white tee. For Pink Ladies, look for leather or pink jackets teamed with a black tee and black trousers.

Screen Shot 2018 09 07 at 15.31.12 400x531 1

Stranger Things

The cast of Stranger Things are the new favourites in the Halloween fancy dress game. You can disguise yourself as Eleven by finding a pink dress, a blonde wig and picking up a packet of her favourite snack, Eggos. Fans of the show will spot you straight away if you decide to be the wall (if you know, you know), complete with twinkle lights and a letter board.

Screen Shot 2018 09 07 at 15.22.23 400x532 1

Wakanda Forever

Marvel's Black Panther was a box office smash hit making it one the most popular movies of 2018. Lots of people will be getting ready to become a Wakandan for Halloween, and you can too!

Screen Shot 2018 09 07 at 15.18.33 400x532 1

Down The Rabbit Hole

Grab your friends or just choose your favourite character to recreate from Alice in Wonderland. Whether you want to be a Mad Hatter in a large top hat and colourful blazer or you decide to be Alice with a blue dress and a white apron, everyone will know exactly who you came to the party dressed as!

Screen Shot 2018 09 07 at 15.27.50 400x531 1

Find more inspiration for your Halloween Goodwill costume shopping in our Halloween Look Book, available to download and in all our stores. Share your costumes using the hashtag #GoodwillHalloween. 

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